Virgil and Karen Sperry

Virgil and Karen (Moore) Sperry's children are pleased to announce their parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, on Friday, Nov. 21, 2014. Their parents met in Connecticut, where Karen was born and raised, and where Virgil was stationed with the U.S. Navy.

Mr. and Mrs. Sperry have two children. Adam, 47, is married and lives in Los Angeles, Calif., where he works as a sound engineer in the entertainment industry. Cyndi, 41, is a Navy Chief and works for The White House Communications Agency in Washington, DC.

Together, their parents have embarked on many adventures working and traveling in the United States and around the world. LaFayette, Ga., has been their home since 1987.

Earlier this year they traveled to spend time with extended family and the military friends who brought them together.

Adam and Cyndi would like to express how proud they are of the example their parents set for them.

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