Dear editor,

I am a life long resident of Georgia Senate District 53. Even during my almost 12 years of military service, I claimed Georgia residency, paid state taxes and voted in most local and state elections. I am so discouraged that we have allowed career politicians and all of their associated corporate and lobbyist money to steer our state and area policies and laws.

What is the Georgia Senate District 53 seat really worth?

Recent campaign reports from Jeff Mullis, our current 10-term, 20-year State Senator for the district, reported him having over a half-million dollars ($515,983) in his campaign re-election war chest. Where did all that money come from? The same report detailed him spending over $388,000 of that.

Do your own research here.

There are two challengers for the District 53 Senate seat. Finally we have alternative, conservative candidates taking on career politician Jeff Mullis. Those candidates’ recent reports show the two combined spent just over $21,000 in total. Jeff Mullis’s campaign spent over 1,747% of what the other two candidates spent combined. No, that’s not a decimal it’s a comma, 1,747%. Wow! Maybe Jeff Mullis is just trying to spend his way to reelection?

Senator Jeff Mullis' campaign spent over $388,000. The Senate seat he is running for pays a little more than $17,000 a year. Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

#temlimits #careerpolitician #followthemoney #servingwho?

Tony Love, Ringgold

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