We are citizens that have been granted the opportunity to get out of our homes in a risk-filled environment. We need to know the risks and take measures to protect ourselves and others. A very contagious virus is still in our environment.

You have the potential of saving a life or lives by wearing a mask. If you are asymptomatic with COVID-19 or if you are in the incubation period of COVID-19 with no symptoms, you can transmit the disease to others including those at risk that have less chance of survival. These are facts. It is up to us to act responsibly as individuals, as employers, as employees, as civic leaders.

This past week I walked in businesses in Ringgold with no employees and some customers not wearing masks. A plastic strip 12 inches in width will not protect workers and customers effectively. We need to act responsibly! Let’s wear the masks!

Jane Bustabad,


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