Walker County residents will choose to continue with a Sole Commissioner form of government or move to a multi commissioner form of government on Nov. 6.

Our country was founded on the principal of checks and balances and has worked well for over 200 years. In our county we have had one person running the county and have no recourse but to vote every 4 years.

Here are some reasons I feel it's time to move to a multi commissioner form of government.

In the whole nation, there are only 8 counties that have a sole commissioner and all 8 are in Georgia.

What would happen if our sole commissioner has an illness or in an accident and a crucial TANS is needed to make payroll and the commissioner can't get to the bank on time? We do not have a 2nd in command that can step up and knows the day to day operations to fill in at a moments notice.

Our county is one of the largest counties in the state and it's very hard for one person to have the time to meet and listen to all segments of the citizens. When we were an agricultural society, and everyone was equal and had the same needs, then maybe it was right. Today we encompass farmers in the valley to Lookout Mountain residents with different needs. Rossville has its own unique issues.

Current Commissioner Shannon Whitfield ran his election campaign on the promise that he wanted to be Walker County’s last sole commissioner. Whether or not a sole or multi form is voted in, Mr. Whitfield has 2 more years to work on his agenda and then can run again for another 4 years as either sole or the chairman of the multi commissioner board.

Commissioner Whitfield told me personally before he was elected that he supported a multi commissioner board and sent out flyers stating the same. Until he tells me differently, I support him in his effort to be the last sole commissioner of Walker County and will work passionately to make the multi commission form of government a reality.

So for those who want to keep Commissioner Whitfield in his current position, a vote for a multi commissioner form of govt. can accomplish that goal. He'll just have 4 other persons to represent the voters of their district and bring better representation of our county in every decision made.

David Roden, Rossville

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