Two of the most important issues currently impacting our community are COVID-19 and elections. We have decisions to make.

Due to the pandemic and in-person early voting starting on Monday, May 18, and both issues having our community further at stake, I am compelled to stand up, speak, and be counted.

Not only have I been following the pandemic to help keep citizens informed, I have been following Senator Jeff Mullis and his career since elected. I stand with Jeff Mullis. Here are some reasons why.

When the tornados in April of 2011 ripped through our area, my home was hit. Later that evening when Senator Mullis heard about my family’s misfortune he reached out to me, checking on us. You don’t forget things like that. During that time the City of Rossville lost several traffic lights and the Senator contacted GDOT and arranged to have those traffic lights replaced. You just don’t forget things like that.

A few years ago the Senator arranged a meeting with the Georgia Department of Transportation commissioner, and asked for help on repairing West Crest Road. Because the senator reached out West Crest was repaired and repaved. Rossville would never have had the funds for such an enormous $700,000 project.

Especially during these times of economic uncertainty, we need a leader representing us and our interests at the state level. Someone with a proven record to deliver. That is Senator Jeff Mullis.

I personally know Mullis as a good and giving person, but no matter your personal opinion of him, the fact is that he delivers with, most importantly, economic growth for our community. Jobs for our families’ economic security.

Senator Mullis has been a key factor in bringing companies and infrastructure funding to our county, including Audia with their “Project Eagle” that scoped a $50 million investment for the manufacturing plant.

Mullis is a champion for Georgia cities. He knows our Georgia State Departments, department heads, state leadership, and how to break through the red tape. A few examples…

For the first time in history, not only did Rossville receive our Federal Opportunity Zone (OZ) to help drive new capital investment, we also, with the help of Senator Mullis’ assistance, received a tax credit incentive above and beyond that of the OZ by The Georgia Department of Community Affairs and the Georgia Department of Economic Development designating Rossville as a “Rural Zone” helping to advance our economic progress.

With Senator Mullis’ help, we also received a $20,000 grant by the Tennessee American Water to the Top of Georgia in partnership with the Rossville ReDev Workshop. The funds awarded were for the John Ross Commons park and pond (aka The Duck Pond) improvements and to create an outdoor economic learning lab in Rossville.

Along with our economic well-being and infrastructures, Senator Mullis cares for our security and for our personal safety. Opioid use has been known to be an underling cause of increased crime in our communities. Mullis spearheaded, chaired a committee, and passed a bill to create the Narcotic Treatment Enforcement Act making opening new clinics more difficult that stopped impending new offices from opening in our communities.

With all due respect, Senator Mullis’ opponents have never been able to pass one piece of legislation. Now is no time for second chances to produce to help us to provide for our families, our neighbors, and our communities. We need to know for certain that development and funds will be brought home from Atlanta.

I stand with Jeff Mullis who delivers.

Rossville Mayor Teddy Harris

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