Dear editor,

I would like to personally thank Georgia State Senator Jeff Mullis for authoring and providing the leadership for the passage of the Georgia Monument Protection Act (Senate Bill No. 77). While public officials of other states have caved to political correctness and are removing or standing by letting mobs tear down and vandalize our beloved Military and Confederate Monuments. Senator Mullis stepped up to the plate and decided this was not going to happen in the great State of Georgia, this shows the true character of Senator Mullis.

All a Military and Georgia Confederate Citizen Soldier of Georgia is guilty of, is leaving his home and picking up his gun to protect his family, home and state from an invading army. Many of these brave men died on the battlefield, in prison camps and terrible wounds after the battle and are buried across his beloved Southland in unmarked graves. The ladies of the south after the war raised funds a nickel and dime at a time to erect memorials to their husbands, fathers and sons to honor these men for their devotion and sacrifice to their families and state. This gave them an opportunity to have closure for the ones who never returned home for a proper burial. The Act not only protects Confederate Monuments but all publicly owned monuments whether they be military, civilian or religious.

The Senator Mullis I have known for many years will always try to do the right thing and he will always have this man’s vote and support.

John Culpepper, retired Chickamauga city manager and chairman of the Georgia Civil War Commission

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