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I recently received a postcard from the Catoosa County Republican Party that informed me that I was one of the “Deplorables of Georgia” for being a Democrat.

Surely they realize that I am their neighbor, teacher and coach of their children and work with and for them, hire their children to mow my yard, stand in line with them at the store, and am even their friend.

We Democrats believe that Stacey Abrams will be a governor for all Georgia, protecting the water we drink, growing our economy in an equitable manner, improving our schools, and making certain that all Georgians have health care that includes coverage for pre-existing conditions.

We Democrats have made America great through responsible government and I’m hoping that my Republican friends realize that when they turn on their TVA-powered lights, receive benefits from the Georgia lottery, and yes, even send and read their mail from the United States Postal Service.

David Miller, Catoosa County

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