“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” (Second Amendment)

“Japan would never invade the United States. We would find a rifle behind every blade of grass.” That quote is by Isoroku Yamamoto, the Japanese commander-in-chief during WWII. This is the Militia stated in the Second Amendment.

We have a quotation from the Declaration of Independence — the founding document of our nation — to the effect that people have not only the right, but the duty, to throw off an abusive, despotic or tyrannical government which tramples on their individual rights. This is the second reason for the Second Amendment.

What do Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao Tze Tung, Castro and Chevez have in common? They were dictators, who did not allow gun ownership in their country and ruled with tyrannical governments. These are good examples of what would happen if we in the U.S. did not have the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment is not there so that we can protect ourselves, as many organizations claim. Yet, because of the Second Amendment, we can protect ourselves. If some criminal is breaking down your front door, you only have seconds to react to protect your family. The police could never be close enough to stop the invasion.

Last year, 43,469 people were killed by guns. 24,469 were suicides. Of the remaining 19,379 only 364 (FBI 2019) were killed by a rifle. Most murders were committed by handguns. More people were killed by knives than rifles — 1,476 murders, using knives.

Yet, President Biden and the Democrats want to ban the AR-15. By the way, the AR does not mean “assault rifle” as the Democrats want you to believe. It actually stands for the original manufacturer, ArmaLite. These so-called assault weapons are rarely used in crimes. In fact, the FBI does not even keep statistics, since rifles of all types are used less often as murder weapons than are hammers, fists, or knives.

Felons are more afraid of an armed citizen than the police (US Department of Justice). Forty percent of convicted felons disclosed that they avoided committing crimes when they believed that the victim might be armed. Every year, 400,000 life-or-death incidents are prevented by firearms. This is due to the criminals backing away once they discover their potential victims are armed.

Just look at Kennesaw, Ga. It is one of the safest cities in the metro-Atlanta area, primarily because in 1982 a law was passed that requires the head of every household there to own a gun. So, do guns cause crimes or do they deter crime? Gun control is just a way for control freaks like liberal Democrats to take control of our lives.

Let’s get back to why the Second Amendment is so important. On April 19, 1775, American patriots, using their own firearms, stood before the British soldiers, which represented the greatest military power on Earth. Our founding fathers, who wrote the Bill of Rights in 1789, remembered the British attempts to confiscate private firearms from the colonists.

There is no such thing as a civil, safe or secure society without guns. Throughout history we have seen that the weak and defenseless become subservient to the government. History and recent events emphasize the perils of having no power of defense against tyrannical governments. Don’t be seduced by the government’s rhetoric that there needs to be gun control because of crime.

Why are South and Central American refugees flocking here to escape their own countries? If the oppressed people in Third World countries had guns to defend themselves against government tyrants, they could enjoy the advantages that we have in this country.

We don’t need gun control; we need criminal control. The courts are too lenient on violent criminals. As soon as they are back on the street, they commit more violent crimes. President Biden wants to eliminate cash bail, as some states have already done. Doing away with cash bail allows dangerous criminals to be set free while awaiting trial. An alleged gang member in New York City, Darius Sutton, was involved in three drive-by shootings just weeks after he was released without bail following an attempted murder arrest.

Twenty-nine states have a three-strikes law where a criminal, who commits three serious felonies, are given life terms. Georgia is one of those states. I don’t think this is working too well. It should be a two-strike law. Judges need to do their job and protect us from criminals, intent in harming us.

Now, President Biden wants more gun control after the shooting at the FedEx facility in Indianapolis. This man had a mental problem, which the police were aware of but did very little. President Biden needs to include mental health as part of physical health plans that we now have so that mentally ill people can get help.

Democrats, with the full support of President Joe Biden, are looking to ratify the UN “Small Arms Treaty.” President Biden proposed a semi-automatic gun ban, lawsuits against gun makers, and authority for national gun confiscation.

Whether we need guns to protect our freedom or to protect us from dangerous criminals, we, the people, need to fight back when the government tries to restrict our right to own a gun.

Representative Allen West (R-Fla.) stated, “A man with a gun is a citizen. A man without a gun is a subject.”

Len Calderone is a constitutional conservative who lives in Rossville. He can be reached at lencalderone1942@gmail.com.

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