Hospice of Chattanooga stands ready to continue to take care of patients who are receiving hospice services while homebound or in a facility. 

The COVID-19 Operations Plan will minimize the risk of exposure and ensure the safety of all patients and families.

“We have created these plans in response to the public concern about COVID-19,” says Dr. Greg Phelps, chief medical officer at Alleo Health, the parent company of Hospice of Chattanooga. “We are working with the Department of Health and embracing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and industry best practices have been influences on our implementation of the plan.”

Hospice of Chattanooga is committed to meeting the needs of all patients and families and is making every effort to provide the highest quality care during this unprecedented time.

“One of the top priorities for Hospice of Chattanooga is the care and safety of our patients,” says Tracy L. Wood, president and chief executive officer of Hospice of Chattanooga.

“We believe that we have a responsibility to take all the strides we can to protect our associates and patients, as well as working to limit the spread of COVID-19," according to Wood. "Because we don’t know what the next few days and weeks look like with the pandemic, we want to exercise extreme care protocol and act out of caution to reduce the risk of exposure.”

“I am truly grateful for all of our associates and caregivers who work tirelessly to ensure continued excellent care during these difficult times,” Wood says.

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