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Noted medical expert and congresswomen-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene decided the best way to introduce and endear herself to her future colleagues in Congress was to refuse to wear a mask and attack masks in general. “Our first session of New Member Orientation covered COVID in Congress. Masks, masks, masks… I proudly told my freshman class that masks are oppressive,” she tweeted Friday (Nov. 13).

Perhaps she was unaware that the average age of members of Congress is 58, which places many of them at greater risk for COVID-19. Perhaps she didn’t know that the CDC guidelines from a study this week show masks are beneficial to the wearer as well as others, and Congressional Republican leaders have long talked about the need for members to honor the mask policy for congress.

Perhaps she meant to write that mask mandates are oppressive instead of the silly suggestion, a mask itself is oppressive. Perhaps she honestly thought this was a useful contribution in her quest to secure the most help possible for struggling citizens and businesses in the 14th district as COVID-19 surges.

Or...maybe this is just her. A callow woman bereft of any competencies which would allow her to succeed in the position she will soon hold. Her utter lack of tact is disconcerting. Her ignorance is numbingly predictable.

During her campaign, she did not talk much about issues affecting the 14th district or delve into her ideology. Rather than root her campaign in articulated policy positions and proposals or conservative ideology, Mrs. Greene’s campaign was a mashup of appeals meant to stir the passion of voters on issues sure to provoke an emotional response.

“Save America, Stop Socialism!” was her mantra. Looks great on a bumper sticker and sounds great in a commercial. I would be staggered if she could coherently describe socialism, much less articulate a plan to go about stopping it.

Assuming the Democrats have infrastructure high on their agenda, do not count on her bringing any projects to the 14th district. Furthermore, we should not count on her to even receive good committee assignments if her first order of business is petty and needless antagonisms.

Given she did not demonstrate much knowledge on policy or any inclination to learn about actual issues during the campaign, I think it’s safe we assume the default position of not expecting much from the freshman from Alpharetta.

Not that the bar for her was high to start. Remember this is a woman who posted a video espousing her strong belief in QAnon; which is a wildly insane conspiracy theory which posits that a secret group of celebrities, politicians, and other powerful figures are in control of the government and engage in sex trafficking, cannibalism of their child victims, and worship Satan. The theory goes on that a secret insider, known as “Q,” is supplying information about all of this on an internet forum and that President Donald Trump is engaged in a secret battle against the group.

Our Congresswoman-elect is a firm believer in the theory saying “Q is a patriot,” and, “I think it’s something worth listening to and paying attention to, and the reason why is because many of the things he has given clues about and talked about on 4chan and other forums have really proven to be true.”

With everything we know about Mrs. Greene, one wonders whether her ancestors were once heard at the gates of Troy uttering the phrase “Oh, what a lovely wooden horse. Of course, we’ll sign for it.”

As a Republican voter, I can only hope that we have a candidate other than her on the primary ballot in 2022. She is not a conservative, and she is far from a Reagan Republican. She is a charlatan from Alpharetta (not in the 14th district) who is toxic to the health and growth of the GOP in Georgia and a national embarrassment.

Elliot Pierce


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