Mike Helton

Interim Fort Oglethorpe City Manager Mike Helton discusses adding extra cyber security software during the March 9 City Council meeting. 

The city of Fort Oglethorpe has agreed to purchase new security software to combat possible cyber threats.

During the March 9 City Council meeting, Interim City Manager Mike Helton discussed the issue of extra security and gave his recommendation to approve an additional system.

“This is a recommendation to approve Comodo Securities Solutions, which is an IT protection system,” Helton said. “I’m sure most or all of us have some sort of IT protection on our computer systems. After attending training at FBI Headquarters in Atlanta, one of the topics of discussion was the attacks on local and state governments through the information technology systems.”

Helton, the city’s police chief before stepping in as City Manager, says the training was highly informative and caused him to begin discussing additional securities for the city.

“One of the areas in which they suggested governments could protect their technological infrastructure was to acquire double coverage through software,” Helton said. “Upon arriving back, I consulted with our IT consultant, and he looked at a variety of software solutions (for us).”

Helton explained that additional software is relatively inexpensive when compared to what some governments have had to pay after being hacked.

“We were able to get this one, which will go on top of what we already have for approximately $530 per year,” Helton said. “It’s a very low expense considering there have been some governments that have had to pay to hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their information released from ransom ware in the state of Georgia.”

Helton said that it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially with threats that currently exist in the cyber world.

“For some reason, Georgia has been heavily attacked -- so, for $530 per year we recommend this contract.”

The City Council unanimously approved the purchase by way of a 5-0 vote.

Adam Cook is a general assignment reporter and covers the Walker-Catoosa County area. He has been a reporter since 2009.

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