Over the last few weeks, several ongoing issues have been brought to my attention about the school your children attend. During this time, I have met with parents, faculty and reached out to the Department of Education to better understand these situations and how I can help from my position at the state level.

Take pride in knowing that your school is among the elite across Georgia. Your faculty, teachers and student families have achieved some of the highest educational standards in Georgia. To know that you have achieved these standards with second-hand materials, inoperable cafeteria, and having to fund many of your own teachers and programs is an incredible accomplishment. This speaks volumes about the families of the Fairyland community.

Unfortunately, Fairyland Elementary is receiving second-hand cold food from Ridgeland High School. Given how long this situation has continued, I believe the leaders from the Walker County Board of Education can do better. It is my understanding that this could be the only hot meal that up to 25% of Fairyland students may receive. From rural Alabama to Tennessee, I have never seen a money tree grow on Lookout Mountain. These are not problems the PTO should be responsible for solving.

I urge the Walker County Board of Education and Superintendent Damon Raines to publicly propose solutions to these problems. Additionally, I ask they create an open dialog with the community regarding ways to improve situations for these children. This feedback and conversation will move us all forward.

To understand how I can better assist as a representative, I have contacted state school Superintendent Richard Woods and state School Board Member for the Fourteenth Congressional District Larry Winters for clarification on the state's official position on Fairyland Elementary.

I look forward to seeing progress on these issues and continued success out of Fairyland and all Walker County schools.

Colton Moore, Georgia House District 1 representative-elect

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