Dewayne Hill won reelection as Georgia representative for District 3 in the June 9 general primary. He faces no opposition for the general election in November.

“Someone commented to me after the election,” says Hill, “that my win and that of Senator Mullis was a win for Catoosa County. That meant a lot to me.”

Hill says he is grateful and humbled by the support he experienced and impressed with how poll workers managed on election day in light of all the challenges resulting from COVID-19.

“The legislature goes back into session on Monday (June 15),” says Hill. “We have a lot of work to do on the budget. The governor has reduced the overall budget cuts he wants from 14% to 12%, but there is a lot to figure out.”

Hill says there are officially 11 days left in the session, but that number can be adjusted up or down as needed to finish business.

About Dewayne Hill

Age: 69 (born Nov. 14, 1950)

He has lived in the area his entire life.

He is a member of NRA, Habitat for Humanity, Pleasant Valley Baptist Church.

He has been a small business owner in Catoosa County for 26 years.

He was District 4 representative on the county Board of Commissioners for eight years.

During his campaign for reelection, he said, “(I will) continue to work with the Catoosa County and the state of Georgia Economic Development to bring smart growth to our Catoosa County as well as the state of Georgia. (I will) continue to support the right to life and fight to protect the unborn children, continue to fight for lower taxes, to assist the governor and all elected officials in preparing better support and response for future pandemics.”

Tamara Wolk is a reporter for The Catoosa County News in Ringgold, Ga., and Walker County Messenger in LaFayette, Ga.


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