There’s a new game in town in downtown LaFayette.

Why So Serious? Comics, Cards, and Collectibles opened its doors at 324 S. Duke St. Oct. 1 to bring comic books, toys, gaming cards, sports cards and other collectibles to LaFayette.

“LaFayette is where I grew up,” says owner Anthony Black, “so I want to give back to the community that has given me so much.”

Tony Black, Anthony’s son, is helping him with the business. He explains that growing up it was easy to fall in love with the hobby.

“Dad and I connected through collecting,” Tony said. “We’d buy packs of cards and learn about all the players or buy comics and learn about the characters. It was so much fun growing up around all of that. We want to provide that in a brick and mortar store for people in this area to enjoy.”

“We currently have extensive back issues of comic books, single cards, unopened boxes, complete sets of sports cards from almost every era, gaming cards of all types, collectible toys, and more,” Tony said. “Soon, we’ll be taking ‘pull lists’ from customers, so you never miss a new issue of your favorite comics.

“We also sell on eBay under the name Whysoseriousc0mics (with a zero instead of an “O”), so that allows us to reach customers anywhere in the world. The farthest we have shipped is actually Sweden,” he explained.

This isn’t Anthony’s first foray into the world of collectibles. He owned and managed Triple Play Comics and Cards in LaFayette from 1994-1999.

“I actually had a couple of men come in with their collection of cards after we opened this week,” Anthony said. “After talking to them for a while, we realized that most of his collection was purchased from my store back in the 90’s when they were young boys. That’s such a great feeling.”

Concerning the appeal of collecting, Tony pointed out that no other hobby brings so many different people from so many age groups together.

“I can’t think of another hobby that brings people of all ages, backgrounds, and genders together. I’ve sold Spider-Man comics to a 65-year-old man and within seconds I’d sold another Spider-Man comic to a 12-year-old girl,” he said.

Anthony admits that a lot has changed since his old shop closed its doors in 1999, but he has some advice for those new to the hobby and those who are returning, as well.

“It can seem overwhelming at first with so many options available for collecting,” Anthony said. “But that’s what makes it great! You can really find something that you enjoy and that speaks to you personally.

“We can help guide you to those things. And for those hobbyists who are returning or never gave it up, come on by. Let’s share some stories and reconnect. The bones of the hobby are still the same. We’ll get you up to speed, and you’ll experience the joy of collecting again in no time.”

“My advice is to collect what you like,” added Anthony. “Don’t be so concerned with the speculation market and with wondering what something might be worth in the future. It’s really just a great way to escape the real world while sharing your passion with others that have the same interests.”

When asked about the future of the hobby, both men express optimism. “Sports cards, comics, toys, you name it, they’re all exploding right now,” Tony said. “With COVID, people were stranded at home and looked for something to fill their time. Collectibles were a big part of that for many people, and it has stayed that way.”

“Nostalgia is a powerful emotion for everyone,” said Tony. “I feel nostalgic every time I walked in our old shop and when I walk in our new one. I think there will always be a place for a shop like ours because of that.”

Why So Serious? Comics, Cards, and Collectibles is open Tuesday through Friday from noon to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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