Bus tribute

Bus drivers met at LFO High School on May 21 to create a 2020 with their buses.

To commemorate this school year for Catoosa County students, the transportation department wanted to pay tribute to high school seniors and send best wishes for a happy summer to all students.

According to Mike Rich, director of transportation, “Our bus drivers have provided transportation for some students since they were five years old. Bus drivers and monitors begin and end the school day for 6,000 students, and they develop very special relationships with these children and their families.”

No one knew when students were taken home on March 12, 2020, that it would be the last day to see students in person for the school year. Rich said, “To enable the transportation department to say ‘Congratulations’ to seniors and ‘Have a Great Summer’ to the rest of our students, bus drivers met at LFO High School on Thursday (May 21) to create a 2020 with their buses.”

Rich added, “The transportation department would like to thank Ringgold High School parent and drone photographer Jeremy Parker for volunteering his services to share our message with Catoosa County students.”

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