Jimmy Spurling

From left: Intern Emma Bradford, Heritage High School; Jimmy Spurling, Catoosa County coroner; Kinsey Welchel, Kennesaw State.

Catoosa County Coroner Jimmy Spurling is working amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic to reduce preventable deaths by helping to administer thousands of COVID-19 vaccines at the Catoosa-Dade-Walker Vaccination Station at the Colonnade since taking office on Jan. 1.

“When most people think of the coroner’s job it is usually in the context of investigating deaths and not reducing the number of preventable deaths,” said Catoosa County Coroner Jimmy Spurling. “But working with our government and community partners to raise awareness of and reduce preventable deaths is among the many functions of my office. I am committed to serving our community by promoting and administering COVID-19 vaccines that are about 95% effective.”

With 40 years of experience in Emergency Medical Services, Spurling applies experience, science, and technology toward preventing a variety of deaths.

“I teach classes on suicide awareness and prevention, recovery from grief and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and preventing opioid overdoses,” he said. “I believe administering the COVID vaccines are just as important in preventing deaths in our county.”

Spurling is working with two students in the coroner’s internship program who are volunteering at the Vaccination Station at the Colonnade.

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