Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr is stepping up the fight to rid the marketplace of price gougers and scammers by partnering with members of the Georgia and national business communities. This list of partners includes Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Facebook, Chevron, Publix, the Georgia Association of Convenience Stores, the Georgia Retailers, the Georgia Food Industry Association and the Better Business Bureau, and it continues to grow.

“By establishing lines of communication with the business community specific to this crisis, our Consumer Protection Division is able to more effectively identify and combat price gouging and scams,” said Attorney General Chris Carr. “These businesses and organizations are doing their part to stop Coronavirus scams, and I commend them for stepping up and joining us in this fight to protect Georgians.”

The companies named above, as well as others, continue to provide information to the Consumer Protection Division about their efforts to combat scams and price gouging. Additionally, all have put in place procedures for remediating complaints.

If the Consumer Protection Division receives a complaint concerning activity on one of the partner-organization’s platforms or at one of their establishments, the office immediately lets them know and begins a dialogue about how best to address the complaint. The Consumer Protection Division encourages more businesses to contact its office if they would like to get involved in the fight against price gougers and scammers.

Currently, the Consumer Protection Division (CPD) is reviewing 194 complaints. We have received the most complaints for the following commodities: food, toilet paper, water and hand sanitizer/disinfectants.

CPD has received complaints concerning online sales and sales in brick-and-mortar stores.

To file a complaint with the CPD office, call 404-651-8600 inside the metro Atlanta area; call 1-800-869-1123 toll-free outside of the metro Atlanta calling area or visit

Better Business Bureau

CPD also works with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to protect consumers from frauds and scams:

For BBB’s information on the corona virus, visit

For small businesses needing assistance, visit

For more information on how to access BBB’s help, visit

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