Fort Oglethorpe Kiwanis Club learns about holistic wellness

The Kiwanis Club of Fort Oglethorpe welcomed as its speaker, Bee Healthy owner Bella Donna, an intuitive healer who uses holistic wellness, herbalist, apitherapist and beekeeper who lives on Lookout Mountain. She started beekeeping in 2008 to create her line of health products, which include honey, as its an antiviral medicinal product for her clients. Her personal, as well as business objective, is to integrate natural modalities into a healthy and happy lifestyle for health and healing of the mind and body — the whole person. She spoke of the challenges of finding pure honey for her products because of pesticide use and the commercialization of beekeeping. Pictured: Club president Chris McKeever, speaker Bella Donna and program chair Dr. Britt Schaffeld.