Attorney Shawn Richardson announces the completion of a contract for Dollar Tree to move into the commercial space previously occupied by Fred’s in the Cleburne Square Shopping Center in downtown Ringgold.

Richardson would also like to thank Walter Kelley, who is the Realtor for the owner of the shopping center who initially brought Dollar Tree’s offer to the table. Kelley is a realtor from Birmingham, Ala., with ARC Realty.

Attorney Richardson said that this process was a lengthy one beginning in October. There was much back and forth but the owner of Cleburne Square Shopping Center is delighted to have this addition to Ringgold as it will draw many shoppers to the downtown Ringgold area. It will also be a boon for all downtown merchants.

Richardson has been an attorney at the Bandy Firm since October of 2019 and has been practicing law in Atlanta for the past 20 years focusing on complex litigation and personal injury, including workers compensation. However, during that 20 years, he has had a broad range of experience in the legal field representing individuals along with regional and national corporations.

The tentative date for Dollar Tree opening is likely on or around June 15, though that date is not set in stone, and may be as early as mid-April.

Dollar Tree will be a compliment to United Grocery, which is also a discount enterprise in the Cleburne Square Shopping Center. Dollar Tree will not be in direct competition with any other merchants as their merchandise and price point is far below what the downtown merchants are presently offering. Dollar Tree has over 15,000 stores and is now the largest discount store in America.

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