When Lisa’s Gold and Diamonds in Fort Oglethorpe opened on April 15, 1991, Lisa Edge was taking a leap of faith.

“After working for Classic Coin and Jewelry in downtown Chattanooga for years, I knew I had the experience, know-how, and knowledge of who’s who to take that leap,” Lisa said. “I had worked hard for the owner there, and I knew if I just applied that same work ethic with my own business, that everything would work out just fine.”

According to Lisa, that very work ethic, combined with an unrivaled degree of customer service and trustworthiness, has been what has allowed her store to celebrate its 30 years this month.

For Lisa and the rest of the staff at Lisa’s Gold and Diamonds, this customer service comes natural.

“I just love making people happy,” says Lisa. “Being able to help people design a special piece or helping them pick out a special graduation present — that can truly give someone genuine happiness. And unlike other presents, jewelry can last forever.”

Although many things have changed over the last 30 years, Lisa’s hasn’t been one of them.

Lisa said, “We’ve only ever been in this one location. We’ve added to it, but right here on Alamar Street is where it’s always been. I’m from LaFayette originally, and I moved to Ringgold when I was older. So, when I opened my shop, I wanted it to be something in the home area, where I could serve the people I knew and loved.

“One thing that has changed is our inventory. It’s important to regularly update it, so you can stay with the trends and what’s in style.”

As of now, Lisa offers a multitude of products, including a large selection of beautiful diamond solitaires and wedding sets, wedding bands, gemstone rings, pearls, gold and silver necklaces and bracelets, Seiko watches, musical clocks, and Citizen watches. They also carry Levian chocolate diamonds and many unique, one-of-a-kind pieces such as floating opals and gemstones.

When asked what she wishes more people knew about her store and how it stands out, Lisa said, “We actually have our own repairman in-house, so nothing has to be mailed out like it does with other stores. And we turn almost everything over within one week. We also have watch repairs. So that can make a big difference.”

To celebrate its 30 years of business, Lisa’s Gold and Diamonds is offering a store-wide sale that’s anywhere from 25-50% off.

Lisa urges anyone who has never been by the store to come check them out, and see why Lisa’s Gold and Diamonds has made it 30 years and why they are considered “Your Favorite Hometown Jeweler.”

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