Calhoun Times sign

A view of the Calhoun Times on Thursday, March 5.

There’s no easy way to begin these things, but I must inform you all (y’all) my time in Calhoun has come to an end. By the time you are reading this, I will no longer be the sports editor at the Calhoun Times. Instead, I’ll be starting a new role as a general assignment reporter for the Rome News-Tribune. Sports Editor at the Calhoun Times was my first job out of college, and when I accepted the position last March, I had no idea what I was in for. Over the past 15 months, I’ve had the privilege to write and tell the stories of the talented athletes, coaches and teams within this community. I witnessed championships, streaks start and end, triumphs and tribulations, and saw on multiple occasions how sports is more than just a game. I got to travel to a lot of different venues, from the GHSA softball tournament in Columbus to the Macon Coliseum. I did not know much about Calhoun before becoming sports editor, but this community clearly has a strong, burning passion for its sports, whether it be Calhoun, Gordon Central or Sonoraville. I take pride in being able to call Calhoun my first stop in what is hopefully a long and fruitful journey in sports reporting.

There are many people to thank, but I’ll use the short version. First, I would not have been in the sports editor role without John Bailey and Spencer Lahr. They took a chance on me last year and I am thankful they did. A huge thank you to my colleagues at the Calhoun Times: Daniel Bell, Kelcey Caulder, Anny Perkins and Billy Steele. I appreciate all the insight, laughs and good times we had over the course of the last year. And a collective thank you to every coach, player, administrator, photographer and parent I spoke to or dealt with throughout my time here. Your cooperation has always been appreciated.

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not thank you, the readers. Your readership allows people like myself to do what we love and explore our passion. It is my hope you will continue to subscribe to your local news because, especially today, local news matters. Local sports matters. Without community coverage, many stories would not get told. If you’d ever like to reach out, you can find me on Twitter at @Michael_Baron96. I’m thrilled to begin a new chapter at the Rome News-Tribune, but since I’ll only be about 30 minutes down the road, I wouldn’t entirely rule out coming back to Calhoun for a story or two. So instead of saying adieu, let’s say, “Until next time.”

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