Instructions are given to help you. Do you follow them? Well, sometimes you do. Have you heard someone say, if all else fails, read the instructions? Why is it so hard to follow instructions?

Most people think that they are smart enough to do it without reading the instructions or directions.

Before a test the teacher reads the directions, rules, instructions to follow. Do you listen? Before the ballgame the umpire or official explains the necessary ground rules for the location.

At a new job the boss or trainer explains the method and the procedures to follow. On a plane flight the flight attendant explains the safety rules for the flight, even though most people do not listen.

To follow a leader you have to believe in them or trust them. But for a team to succeed they must work together and follow their leader.

There is an unusual example in the Bible. Joshua became the leader, their general. He had no history or training to prepare for the battles. But he trusted God and was willing to follow his instructions exactly.

Imagine the people following his instructions! He said to march around the city blowing the trumpets for six days. Do you think that the army felt silly? But they did as Joshua said and obeyed. They trusted Joshua, and God, and by doing that they conquered a great walled city.

You choose every day to follow or not to follow the instructions that you are given. Do you follow the teacher’s instructions? Does the driver obey the police officer’s instructions? Does the driver observe the traffic lights and the speed signs? When they do, good things happen. When they do not, trouble usually follows.

Follow the instructions today.

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