An investigation into multiple armed robberies in Floyd, Carroll and Walker counties, as well as other locations in Northwest Georgia, culminated in the arrest of a Rome man last week.

Anthony Lavell Williams Jr., 26, was arrested at his home at 309B Ross St. on July 22 by a multi-jurisdictional task force including the Rome Police Department and Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

An investigation by Rome police alongside the GBI and FBI turned up evidence that Williams had robbed at least nine stores in Floyd County between December 2019 and April 3 and then moved on to other cities, RPD Assistant Chief Debbie Burnett said.

Calhoun Police Chief Tony Pyle confirmed Williams is also a suspect in cases locally and that charges will likely be filed soon.

Williams is also facing at least one armed robbery charge in Carroll County and has warrants for his arrest in Fort Oglethorpe. He is suspected of robbing at least one CVS store and stealing prescription medications, Burnett said.

“In each of the robberies there was a consistent description of the suspect,” Burnett said. “He always wore a hoodie with a mask and we had the same description of the gun, height, weight and bushy eyebrows.”

Such a subject robbed the Dollar General on Oothcalooga Street in Calhoun on Feb. 13. Reports two say men who had just closed the store late at night were approached by a black man with a silver semi-automatic handgun in the parking lot of the store. The man first demanded the money they had in their wallets and then forced the two men back inside the store, where he had them disable the alarm.

The man then demanded they open the safe, which the victims told the suspect was on a timer and could not be opened for nine minutes. He made them lie on the floor until the safe could be opened, then the safe was emptied into Dollar General bags. He then put the two men in a back room and took their cell phones and the store phone. At least $1,900 was taken during the robbery.

Williams is currently accused robbing the following Rome stores: the Dollar General Store at 1605 N. Broad St. on Dec. 12, 2019; the Citgo at 1901 N. Broad St. on Dec. 21, 2019; the Dollar General Store at 25 Central Plaza on Dec. 29, 2019; the Circle K at 910 N. Broad St. on Jan. 4; the Circle K at 2401 Garden Lakes Blvd. on Jan. 4; the North Broad Food Mart at 1416 N. Broad St. on Jan. 9; the Dollar General Store at 1100 N. Fifth Ave. on Jan. 11; the Dollar General Store at 1804 Redmond Circle on Jan. 24; and the CVS at 1915 Maple Ave. on April 3.

Williams fits the description for several other armed robberies in the Northwest Georgia region, including one in Summerville.

Calhoun Times Managing Editor Daniel Bell contributed to this report.

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