Red Bud Middle School REACH Georgia Scholar Eric Carpenter and Mackenzlee Roach recently signed their pledges to complete the state-wide scholarship program, which would entitle them to $10,000 in college scholarship funds upon graduation of high school.

Amy Stewart, principal at RBMS, addressed the scholars and their families with the following message to the students: “Eric ... Mackenzlee ... you were nominated for the scholarship by teachers at Red Bud Middle because they strongly feel you meet one of the most important criteria referred to as ‘academically promising’ – which basically means they think you have a LOT of potential. You have qualities that lead us to believe you are an achiever ... that, through effort and persistence, you will be dedicated to earning a college degree or certificate. And, parents – thank you for your role in raising such remarkable children! You can be very proud of Eric and Mackenzlee.”

REACH Georgia is more than just a scholarship. It is a multi-step approach designed to fully support students and increase their chances for success in the following ways:

♦ Financial support — $2,500 per year for up to 4 years.

♦ Student Commitment: REACH Scholars agree to maintain a 2.5 HOPE GPA, remain crime, drug, and behavior issue free, and meet with a volunteer mentor and academic coach until graduation.

♦ Guardian Commitment: Along with their Scholar, REACH guardians agree to support and encourage their student to develop positive relationships with teachers, mentors, counselors, & academic coaches, attend REACH sponsored meetings, and continually communicate with school personnel to ensure their student is on the path to high school graduation.

♦ Mentor Commitment: REACH Scholars will be paired with a caring adult mentor trained to monitor and support the student.

♦ Academic Coach Commitment: Each Scholar will also be paired with an academic coach who will monitor the student’s behavior, grades, and weekly attendance to ensure the student is on track to graduation and continues to meet program requirements.

♦ Continuation of Academic and Social Support: REACH Georgia also ensures Scholars are equipped with the resources needed to successfully transition and complete their postsecondary degree. In partnership with post-secondary institutions, REACH Georgia will provide continuous support throughout their degree or certificate attainment.

Scholars from Ashworth Middle School will be named later this year. If you would like to assist with financial support of this worthy program for students, please contact Gordon County Schools’ student services department at 706-629-7366.

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