Last weekend, George ran the Magnolia Marathon in Meridian, Mississippi.

A visit to this middle size town is a visit to rural America of the past. It reminds you of the old south, or just a small town of the past.

Along the marathon route were some scenes of the past. There were typical old store fronts like the five and dime Kresses store. There were newer modern architecture homes and businesses.

The route went through some old neighborhoods with their stately old once elegant homes, and also past some new homes.

The people were all welcoming. Some just working in the yard, stopped to cheer on the passing runner. Some called out asking what state are you from, as there were runners from states all across the country.

It made you feel welcome, expecting one of them to offer you a glass of sweet tea any minute.

The runners and the locals represented all colors, ages, and peoples. They were just being very neighborly.

This was a great picture of what Thanksgiving is all about. It was people being happy and proud of who they are, and where they live, and enjoying life.

Thanksgiving is being thankful for what you have, and where you are. It has nothing to do with the material things that you have.

It is more inside you, than what you possess for other to see.

The early Thanksgiving times were with the pilgrims thanking God and sharing their blessings with those around them.

For the early settlers, it was friends, and family, and their Indian friends.

It was a time of community celebration for all.

A good example of this is here in Gordon county. The Red Bud community of churches has a community service across denominational lines, across color lines, and age lines.

A variety of pastors take part in the service. It is a great time of fellowship of friends and neighbors.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving break. I hope you celebrate, and thank God for his many blessing that He has given you.


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