The question is often asked, how are you doing? A common answer is I am fine under the circumstances.

What does that mean? Usually, it is an out or excuse for just getting by, or not doing well.

Circumstances are things like being sick, a wreck on the highway causing a delay, a job loss, or some other event that keeps a person from feeling great.

Some folks try to hide it when they are feeling bad. But you can usually tell when someone is down, or feeling bad.

Feelings can be hard to deal with sometimes. They are emotions going up and down, making life like a roller coaster. Good news can make a person seem on top of the mountain.

Then something negative will quickly bring a person down.

The common response to a person feeling bad is the phrase to keep looking up, or look on the bright side.

Or it could be to be positive. This response will work for awhile.

Feelings will lie to you. Emotions are difficult to deal with all the time. It makes a person worry. Worry usually causes a person to fear the future.

How does a Christian deal with circumstances? How do they feel?

The Christian’s life does not have to go up and down. Jesus is the answer. The present and the future are in his hands. Circumstances are just for a moment. The Bible says, that Jesus will give you peace.

Peace is the absence of worry. The Christian can trust God at all times. He does not have to wonder about the future. He can live above the circumstances.


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