How do you feel when someone says thank you to you? It does bring a nice feeling.

Thank you is a form of praise. It is a sign of appreciation for a person.

Many people seem down, and discouraged. You see many sad faces as you go places in the world today. A thank you can bring back a smile.

Some people seem to complain about so many things. They need to stop and decide if it is really that important.

Recently we heard a hostess tell the waiting customers that the wait for a table would be a little longer than usual because they were short staffed.

The same family made the extra effort to tell the hostess that the waitress had done an excellent job.

They understood the extra work, and the extra friendly attitude of the waitress was noticed.

Do you take the time to praise someone? Many places are short staffed, and overworked to keep up with the service required. Those that are working, should be appreciated. Your praise can make a difference for them.

An important verse in the Bible says to ‘rejoice evermore’. There are many verses in the book of Psalms, in the Bible, that reminds the believer to Praise God.

A Christian can praise God in all things. You should praise God in the good times, and the bad times.

Saying thank you to those around you and to God will remind you that each person is special to God.


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