North Georgia Austim Center

North Georgia Autism Center, 703 Curtis Parkway in Calhoun.

The North Georgia Autism Center (NGAC) recently opened a new location at 703 Curtis Parkway in Calhoun. Like its sister center in Woodstock, the Calhoun location is dedicated to solving critical issues facing both its clients and their families by applying the scientific principles embodied within Applied Behavior Analysis.

ABA therapy programs have been proven to help increase language and communication skills, decrease problem behaviors and improve attention, focus, social skills, memory and academics. The NGAC believes that applying the principles of this type of therapy can help to increase behaviors that are helpful and decrease those that are harmful or affect learning for those diagnosed with Autism.

NGAC Director of Operations Maria Johnson said staff “can’t wait to dig in” and start working to support families in Calhoun and Gordon County.

“We have four Board Certified Behavior Analysts on staff and years of experience supporting families in the Autism community and we are so excited to partner with Calhoun,” Johnson said.

The Calhoun location will be open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. providing ABA therapy in a clinical setting. Competencies include Early Intervention, Applied Behavior Analysis, Verbal Behavior, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Behavior Modification, School Consultation and Program Design and Program Management.

Services offered include one-on-one therapy, through which clients will target social and daily living skills, emerging vocals and more, parent training, and an intensive therapy program for young children to help them obtain the skills necessary to enter mainstream kindergarten. Specifically, the pre-kindergarten program encourages language, social skills and other early learner skills in a fun, individualized learning environment.

Specialty services offered on ‘as needed’ basis include toilet training, social skills groups, sensory integration and food desensitization.

For more information about NGAC or to inquire about treatment options offered at the Calhoun location, call 470-473-5920.

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