An officer was injured during a call to a residence early Monday morning, according to police.

According to Calhoun Police Department reports:

Officers responded a call reporting gunshots outside an apartment on Nathan Circle just after midnight Monday.

While speaking with residents found outside drinking alcohol and playing loud music, Fransisco Rodriguez, 19, stepped toward an officer in an aggressive way, grabbed him by his neck and tried to hit him with a glass bottle.

During the altercation, Rodriguez hit another officer in the cheek with the bottle, and injured a third officer’s wrist. Other individuals on the scene approached the scene, failing to follow the orders of officers to stay back while Rodriguez was being detained.

In addition to Rodriguez, four others were also arrested on the scene: 37-year-old Melvin Hernandez-Sanchez, 46-year-old Pedro Borja, 42-year-old Reynaldo Quintnilla Pineda and 33-year-old Luiz Gonzalez.

Hernandez-Sanchez, Borja, Pineda, Gonzalez and Rodriguez are all charged with obstructing law enforcement officers, while Rodriguez is additionally charged with aggravated assault.

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