Sales tax revenue collections both locally and statewide are reporting strong totals as summer comes to a close.

Gov. Brian Kemp’s office announced last week a nearly 13% overall increase in state tax revenue for August, and a nearly 16% rise in state sales tax collections.

According to the Governor’s Office, August net tax collections totaled nearly $2.13 billion, which is an increase of $240 million (12.7%) compared to Aug. 2020, when net tax collections totaled almost $1.89 billion.

Year-to-date, net tax revenue collections totaled $4.28 billion, according to the state, an increase of $248.7 million (6.2%) compared to FY 2021 after two months.

Gross sales and use tax collections increased by $180.8 million (15.9%), up from nearly $1.14 billion in Fiscal Year 2021.

Net Sales and Use Tax, which totaled $663.1 million for the month, increased by $69.4 million (11.7%) as compared to August 2020.

Locally, all categories of sales tax collections were up last month over August of 2020’s returns.

City of Fairmount LOST collections for August totaled $12,557, up nearly $2,000 over the same month last year; City of Resaca LOST totaled $9,659, up from $8,131; City of Calhoun Board of Education ELOST totaled $376,958, up from $324,418; City of Calhoun LOST totaled $333,575, up from $279,837; Gordon County Board of Education ELOST totaled $618,907, up from $$533,988; Gordon County LOST totaled $610,191, up from $514,717; and Gordon County SPLOST collections for August totaled $1,003,420, which is up from $832,263 from the same time a year ago.

All of those totals are also up slightly from June of this year, continuing the trend upward for local collections across the board.

Statewide, the adjusted sales tax distribution to local governments totaled $648 million, for an increase of roughly $112.8 million (21.1%) compared to FY 2021, according to the state. On the other hand, state sales tax refunds were down by $1.4 million (15.4%).

Local property taxes

Also on the local front, all property tax categories are expected to either be lower or stay the current rate once all public hearings are complete.

At Monday night’s Gordon County Board of Education meeting, members voted unanimously to adopt a new millage rate of 18.5 mills, rolled-back from the previous millage of 19.053 mills.

The same night, the Calhoun City Council had its first reading of the proposed 2021 millage rate, following a proposal for a rollback to 17.557 by the Calhoun City Schools Board of Education. The city’s proposed rate remains the same as in 2020 at 2.70 mills, with a public hearing ahead of final adoption to be held Sept. 27, at the Depot, 109 S. King St., with the meeting starting at 6 p.m.

Meanwhile, the Gordon County Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing ahead of adopting its 2021 millage rate on Tuesday, Sept. 21, with the meeting beginning at 7 p.m. in the meeting room of the County Administration Building, 201 N. Wall St.

The proposed 2021 millage rate for the county is 9.515, which is the lowest rate in a decade due to an expected net revenue increase of over $750,000, even with a millage rate rollback.


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