701 Highway 53.

Inspection date: May 24

Score: 80

Last Score: 84

Prior Score: 89

Inspector’s notes:

♦ Observed handwashing sink at chicken breading station without soap and paper towels.

♦ Observed improper horizontal separation of liquid eggs and raw country ham stored over read-to-eat foods in walk-in cooler.

♦ Observed opened bag of liquid eggs stored in chef base drawer with improper date marking, and a chicken breader used for raw chicken with a date marking to exceed seven days.

♦ Observed several sanitizer buckets stored on the floor throughout the kitchen.

Gordon County Justice Center

2700 Highway 41.

Inspection date: May 20

Score: 87

Last Score: 94

Prior Score: 96

Inspector’s notes:

♦ Observed absence of paper towels in paper towel dispenser at handwashing sink at beginning of inspection.

♦ Observed improper hot holding of tcs food items below 135 degrees at hot holding cabinet 30 minutes as the food was being put in to go boxes for the staff.

Panda Express

757 Highway 53.

Inspection date: May 19

Score: 87

Last Score: 95

Prior Score: 87

Inspector’s notes:

♦ Observed beverage dispenser nozzles not cleaned at a frequency necessary to maintain food-contact surfaces clean to sight and touch.

♦ Observed multiple sanitizer buckets of qualernary ammonium sanitizer not at proper minimum strength per manufacturer.

♦ Observed improper hot holdings of tcs food items below 135 degrees at the hot holding table without active time control.

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