Gordon Record


Cases filed the week of Oct. 4 through Oct. 8

Chapter 13

Judy C. Bearden, 607 Peters Street.

Shaneekwa C. Ledbetter, PO Box 2042.

Victoria L. Wright, 980 Red Bud Road Apt. J4.

Cody L. and Debora G. Godfrey, 435 Hook Road.

Real Estate

Total equity value of transactions, this listing: $22,496,000. Note: Dollar figure given represents tax at $1 per $1,000 on equity value of transaction. Transactions are taken from deeds recorded at the Gordon County Clerk of Superior Court.

Estate of Elmer W. Nichelson to Candy and Robert R. Smith, 174 Salacoa Road, $22.

Cody and Cynthia Ingram to Larry D. and Julia E. Greenway, map and parcel 079-048, $494.

Carolyn Cochran and Kenneth N. Abernathy, 455 Mount Vernon Drive, $134.

Randall M. Roberts, as administrator, to John Prince, 255 E Damascus Church Road, $180.

Paula E. Johnson to Steve and Teresa Jones, 103 Arbor Place, $249.

Teresa Jones to Kristin Holbert, 436 Walraven Road, $320.

Kevin P. Smith to Kayla F. Fox, map and parcel 120-014A, $49.

Ann Emerson and Theresia Walraven to Richard Trimble, 455 Mount Vernon Drive, $145.

Thomas A. Sinclair, as co-trustee, to Lonnie Walker, map and parcel 030-074, $25.

Kara E. Gilbert to Ghanshyam Patel, 280 Blackwood Place, $265.

Keith Flake to Jamie E. Anaya Placios, map and parcel 030-146, $62.

Elite Land & Property, LLC to Ricky Damrell, 0 Wren Way, $3.

Helen Padgett to Badger Services, LLC, 1172 Hunter Drive, $5.

Steven D. Thorman to Jackie S. and Vernon Ethridge, 1391 Slate Mine Road, $350.

WJH LLC to Roslyn Y. Contreras, 502 Cartecay Drive, $199.

Shae Hager to James D. Morgan, 532 Fedorak Court, $130.

Elmer Gulledge to Joseph and Paula Kincaid, map and parcel 0114A-069, $98.

Beverly A. Cox, as executor, to Krog Prime Land Holdings, LLC, map and parcel 120047, $175.

Roberto A. Palacios to Gudrun D. Hartmann, 102 Summerfield Drive, $165.

Loren C. King to Johnathan E. and Zsakeba T. Henderson, 295 Robbins Creek Trail, $775.

John D. Rogers to MA G. Hurtado-Marquez, 102 Boulder Court, $220.

Tina W. Rickett to Jordan N. Harden, 155 Emory Street, $172.

David G. Dibble to Skyler Taylor, 449 Liberty Road, $150.

Olivia Bowling, as administrator, to Marie V. Bedard, map and parcel 076B-165, $235.

Elizabeth A. Moss to Parublen D. and Dineshbai Patel, 317 Cherry Hill Drive, $130.

Jordan A. and Mykayla Mears to Marcia McComas, 105 Grist Mill Lane, $212.

32 Calhoun, LLC to Calhoun 32, LLC, map and parcel C70-014, C58-018A, and C58-018, $3,700.

Karen C. Archer to Diane T. Googans, 971 Raccoon Ridge, $197.

Eric J. Blake to Richard T. Johnson, 137 N Sequoyah Circle, $119.

Nathan L. Vineyard to Cody Brown, 407 2nd Avenue, $192.

Gordon R. Gilbreath to James Archibald, 189 Brown Thrasher Street, $305.

Gordon CO Sheriff to Ryan D. and Lindsay H. Griffin, 101 Quail Circle, $370.

Marilyn C. Bunch, as executor, to SCA Investments, LLC, map and parcel 095-001, $10.

Carolyn Butler to Seth M. Hunt, 220 Belwood Road, $650.

Stacy Gonzalez to Gary D. Owenby, 146 Catie Court, $165.

Alvin G. Kerns to Deborah L. Stull, 506 Greeson Road, $90.

Mckinley Homes US, LLC to Calhoun 95 Partners, LLC, map and parcel portion of CG42-013, $1,100.

SDH Atlanta LLC to Conner A. and Tyler R. McKay, 107 Waterside Drive, $230.

SDH Atlanta LLC to Luis F. and Brenda A. Escobar Perez, 111 Waterside Drive, $220.

Tracy A. Bannister to John Nelson, map and parcel 106-076, $100.

Edwin L. Meda Cruz to Graciela DeLeon, 320 Chief Vann Terrace, $100.

Richard L. McKeone to Arean and Ozgun S. Ergur, 148 King Arthur Court, $262.

Melvin Rudolph to Alvaro Avila Chavez, 719 Mount Zion Road, $420.

Brenda G. Yancy to Ronald W. and Mary J. Cannon, 9245 Fairmount Highway, $120.

Nora A. Acevedo to Maria F. Hernandez Diaz, 507 Hazel Street, $165.

Leo-Nidas Enterprises, Inc to Christopher Manis and Katana Thompson, 338 US Highway 411, $225.

Wanda Browder Construction Co, Inc to Nora A. Acevedo, 215 Blackwood Court, $225.

Andrew Chitvanni to The Ridge at Ryo Mountain LLC, map and parcel F120-057, F120-059, F120-061, and F120-062, $300.

Patricia M. Baer to Purple Lion Properties, LLC, 1077 R Dorsey Street, $90.

Celinda McEntyre to NorthStar Property LLC, 1226 Dews Pond Road, $83.

McKinley Homes US, LLC to Valerie Pierre, map and parcel CG42E-078, $242.

McKinley Homes US, LLC to Tanika Wardlow and Tony Reid Sr., map and parcel CG42E-079, $247.

Dustin Samuels to Kerdal Wilson, 121 Woodberry Drive, $228.

Gerald W. Pruett to Lauren DePerro, 223 Melea Lane, $160.

Peachtree Building Group, LLC to Terry E. Mackey, map and parcel 033-370, $226.

Christina Rodriguez to Tyler S. Day, 131 Deer Run Trail, $161.

Tim Hall to Michael Westmoreland, 558 Evergreen Road, $340.

Francisco Hernandez to Victoria M. and Ralph E. Singer Jr., 1354 Hunter Drive, $10.

Robert A. Seguin to Carol M. Seguin, 515 Marque Lane, $6.

Lamar Whittenburg to Joseph B. Warren, 211 Ivey Drive, $310.

Community Bank of Pickens County to Daniel Barrett, map and parcel F121-008, F120-044, F120-053, F120-068, and F120-069, $1,300.

Joseph B. Warren to Mark and Emily Beavers, 128 Deer Run Trail, $185.

Deshler and Ashlyn LLC to Zhenhao Holding, LTD, 417 Spring Hill Road, $3,500.

Century Traditions, LLC to Heidy R. Arriaza and Herson Taracena, 277 Soldiers Pathway, $205.

McKinley Homes US, LLC to Zhigang Pan and Shaoling Zhu, as trustees, map and parcel CG42E-077, $253.

North Georgia National Bank to David M. Washington, map and parcel 056B-096, $87.

Cres and Sharon Dodd to Terry L. Martin, 108 Ashton Court, $634.


The following properties have no real estate transfer tax due to property being a gift, parties involved in transfer being political subdivisions of either the United States or the State of Georgia, parties involved either a public authority or non-profit corporation, property transferred in divorce settlement, deed is in lieu of foreclosure, deed is division of property among joint tenants or type of ownership, such as half interest, or actual consideration is less than $1000.

Terry L. Bramstedt to Elite Land & Property, LLC, 0 Wren Way, $750.

Bonnie B. Burnette to Bonnie B. Burnette and Winfred D. Burnette, map and parcel C39-037, $1.

Foxdale Properties, LLC to Mckinley Homes, LLC, map and parcel portion of CG42-013, $10.


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