Gordon Record


Cases filed the week of Nov. 8 through Nov. 12

Chapter 7

Cullihan O. Gilfoil, 1290 Taylor Town Road, and Jennifer N. Gilfoil, 98 Edmond Circle.

Chapter 13

Antione M. Harris, 144 Donna Street.

Daniel C. Womack, Jr., 165 Chad Street.

William E. Smith, 615 A Knight.

Real Estate

Total equity value of transactions, this listing: $5,736,000. Note: Dollar figure given represents tax at $1 per $1,000 on equity value of transaction. Transactions are taken from deeds recorded at the Gordon County Clerk of Superior Court.

Ricki L. Fuller, Jr. to Derin R. and Shannon M. Scott, map and parcel 035-030, $93.

John R. Willis, as Trustee, to Christopher D. and Leslie T. Rogers, 1301 Reeves Station Road, $170.

Robert E. Robertson to Joel A. Waidner, 142 Keisha Lane, $320.

Century Traditions, LLC to Enma R. and Juan F. Chavez, 299 Soldiers Pathway, $205.

Angie F. Lance to James J. and Natasha G. Zander, 600 Johnson Lake Road, $151.

Divided Sky, LLC to Chad and Hollis Bowers, 0 Skylane Road, $19.

David E. Aiken to NorthStar Property, 109 1st Street, $110.

James Hall to Anna C. Jones, 510 Red Bone Ridge Road, $425.

Maria J. Boling to Kevin and Kelly Moss, map and parcel 127-100, $29.

Alondra Ramirez-Calderon to David L. Miller, Jr., 3986 Dews Pond Road, $185.

Richard A. Ingram to Cinnamon Realty, LLC, map and parcel 1231-1629, $325.

PFW Properties, Inc. to Ruth Martinez de Vigil and Joel Martinez Flores, 1311/2 Victor Street, $160.

Chris Taylor to Karen Brown, map and parcel GC48-025, $15.

Ginger G. Worde to Ark Investments of NW Georgia, LLC, 100 S Court Street, $220.

Timothy S. Ponder to Cindy A. McCullough, 629 Peters Street, $130.

Rachel and Steven Pasley to John D. L. and Ashley L. Thomas, 267 Oakland Drive, $255.

Aleshia D. Dillon to Trey D. Temple, 597 Newtown Creek Loop, $157.

Jonathan G. Rush to Daron Frazier, map and parcel 054B122, $250.

Kyle S. Ruff to Edward S. Fuller, map and parcel 034082, $370.

Brian Biggs, as Executor, to Baker Street Homes, LLC, map and parcel 031-210, $210.

Quintin Bunch to Cristian Vaulk, 107 Fountain Road, $175.

Jeffery Coker to Ronald and Patricia Towns, 775 Johnson Lake Road, $195.

Najarlan Capita, LLC to Velazquez Investments, LLC, map and parcel GC56-012, $151.

Richard D. Hyde to Jouzafen Douhnr, map and parcel 078-192, $283.

PEMM Holdings, LLC to Bret W. and Shelley O. Medders and Joseph L. and Sharon K. Joyave, map and parcel GC55B-091, $32.

Kevin L. North to Linda A. Allen, 3967 Nicklesville Road, $112.

Jimmie A. Brown to Allison J. Pace, 283 Bowdoin Lane, $310.

Kathy Young to Brett Ray, 485 Switch Connector Road, $190.

Jason W. Smith to Nicholas L. Spurgeon and Wallace G. Ogle, 346 Burnt Hickory Lane, $319.

Tony McBrayer to Tejashkumar N. and Karmaben Patel, map and parcel 055-126, $170.


The following properties have no real estate transfer tax due to property being a gift, parties involved in transfer being political subdivisions of either the United States or the State of Georgia, parties involved either a public authority or non-profit corporation, property transferred in divorce settlement, deed is in lieu of foreclosure, deed is division of property among joint tenants or type of ownership, such as half interest, or actual consideration is less than $1000.

Catherine A. Swann to Robyn A. Perkins, map and parcel 107073, $112,945.

Danita Dunkerton to Stephanie M. Givens, 2483 Self Lake Road, $1.


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