Gordon Record


Cases filed the week of April 25 through April 29

Chapter 7

Zachary L. Sims, 144 Cass Loop, Ranger.

James E. Abernathy, 8687 Redbud Road, Ranger.

Heather G. Allen, 250 Chief Vann Terrace.

Real Estate

Total equity value of transactions, this listing: $26,282,000. Note: Dollar figure given represents tax at $1 per $1,000 on equity value of transaction. Transactions are taken from deeds recorded at the Gordon County Clerk of Superior Court.

GDP Properties, LLC to Luz & E Enterprises, LLC, map and parcel 002-030B, $70.

Gary V. Dyer to Miguel A. Guerrero Moya and Rubla L. Castro Diaz, map and parcel 1231-687, $495.

Woodline Acres, LLC to Beverley Segel, map and parcel 1231-353, $5.

The Estate of Sanford S. Wyrick to Eddie and Karen Jones, 645 Hunts Gin Road, $356.

Peachtree Building Group, LLC to Christopher L. Thomas and Mollie D. Lee, 424 Lakecrest Circle, $221.

ACE Homes, LLC to Tera Avery and Steven Guerrero, 168 Harmony Drive, $245.

Peachtree Building Group, LLC to Jade M. Williams, 434 Lakecrest Circle, $237.

Betty A. Rowe to Francisco R.M. Smith, Sr. and Evelin L.C. Vasquez, 112 Maloy Lane, $260.

Chris Hall to Dodd Avenue Atlanta Propoo, LLC, 1340,1350 Gardner Springs Road, $1,125.

Bobby Burnett to Dodd Avenue Atlanta Propoo, LLC, 1316 Gardner Springs Road, $550.

Mark W. Paugh to Dodd Avenue Atlanta Propoo, LLC, 1300 Gardner Springs Road, $350.

D & D Investment Properties, LLC to Dodd Avenue Atlanta Propoo, LLC, map and parcel 059A-008A & 008, $6,419.

Robert C. Rogers to Direct Land Investors, LLC, map and parcel 1231-332, $1.

Thomas Ringkamp to Pamela Ringkamp and Freddy A. Jones, 406 Webber Road, $190.

James Grier Asset Management, Inc. to Michael K. and Kelly Moss, map and parcel 1231-1563, $8.

Real Estate Direct, LLC to Allison N. and Lisa N. Maxwell, map and parcel p/o Covingtron Bridge Road, $304.

Johnnie M. Thompson, Jr. to Brittany N. and John Draekul, map and parcel 065-118, $245.

PFW Properties, Inc. to Mitchell Washington, map and parcel C03-004, $7.

Linda D. Barlow to Michael K. and Kelly Moss, map and parcel 1231-1336, $8.

Oothcalooga RPTG-TK, LLC to James M. Meadows, Michael Meadows Family LLLP, MRR Management, LLC, and Hugh H. Scott, Jr., map and parcel p/o 058-060, $6,208.

Ellen A. Hunter to Valerie Boardman and Daniel DeFries, 184 Sunset Drive, $315.

Machhu 1, Inc. to Kambu, LLC, 4053 Chatsworth Highway 225, $1,750.

Charley Allen to Ma G. Ruiz Contreras, 218 Calhoun Avenue, $45.

Franklin L. Lance to Arnold, Chad, Conrad, Kyle, and Timna Hooley, 2011 Pine Chapel Road, $250.

Michael P. Ray to Winfor E. Lopez, 445 Spring Valley Drive, $125.

Cindy G. Henderson to Oracle Properties, Inc., 600 Henderson Bend Loop, $1,200.

Ashley Stanley to Julia K. Johnson, 133 Kensington Drive, $228.

Patsy L. White to Bobby Burnett, map and parcel p/o 014-017 and 014-037, $245.

Rock Solid Drywall, LLC to Josh Hart, 3445 Riverbend Road, $14.

Gary N. Bailey to PFW Properties, Inc., 946 Lance Road, $70.

Springbank, LLC to Douglas G. and Diana Simmons, map and parcel p/o 099-086, $115.

Nicole D. Adcock to Rebekah A. Fauscett, 128 Victor Street, $127.

Rogelio R. Tirado to Ted M. and Jessia M.D. Sanford, map and parcel C70-035, $190.

Dawson B. and Carolyn N. Flowers to David B. Breeding and Rhonda Higdon, map and parcel 029-012, $182.

Sam Pennel to Brooke D. and Johnny R. Whipple, map and parcel 076C-145, $480.

Stephen B. Lazzarini to Jacob Brown, map and parcel 059-103, $210.

Winfred B. Gray, Jr. to Adam B. Gray JTWROS and Angel B. Friday JTWROS, 100 Linda Lane, $165.

Maria R. Diaz to Elizabeth Bush, 209 John White Road, $125.

Badger Services, LLC to CCHS Investments, LLC, map and parcel 1231-442, 1231-441, 1141-198, and 1231-1464, $100.

Sarah J. Coleman to Timothy D. McGowan, 1335 US Highway 41, $95.

Jerry D. Knight to 229 Evergreen Trail, LLC, 2093 Folsom Road, $75.

Courtney Rouse to Joseph Lambert, map and parcel 076102, $210.

Derek N. Gravitt to Kyle Bohannon and Pamela S. Quebodeaux, 125 Clairmount Drive, $149.

Julie P. Brooks to Douglas M. Harris and Pamela Harros, map and parcel 066A073, $151.

Aref Al Tamimi to Brandon J. Leslie, 449 Fairview Road, $549.

Champions of Calhoun, LLC to Phillip Carroll, 127 Nance Road, $225.

Ronnie Vandyke to Matthew Milhill, 1034 Reeves Station Road, $350.

Gregory T. and/or Carol A. Bowen, as Trustees, to Mark and Michelle Barnett, map and parcel 070-104, $55.

James H. Stephens to AddieJohn Investments, LLC, 2259 Dews Pond Road, $576.

Kimberlee D. Manis to Phillip B. and Gloria E. Carroll, 3766 Resaca LaFayette Road, $262.

Eddy A. Haemers to Donald and Christina Kim, 103 Mountain Top Drive, $345.


The following properties have no real estate transfer tax due to property being a gift, parties involved in transfer being political subdivisions of either the United States or the State of Georgia, parties involved either a public authority or non-profit corporation, property transferred in divorce settlement, deed is in lieu of foreclosure, deed is division of property among joint tenants or type of ownership, such as half interest, or actual consideration is less than $1000.

John A. Gubaci to John A. and Kendra A. Gubaci, 632 Beamer Circle, $1.

D & D Investment Properties, LLC to Dodd Avenue Atlanta Propoo, LLC, map and parcel 059A-008A & 008, $6,418,572.

Robert Wood to Robert and Karen Wood Living Trust, map and parcel 1231-1402, $10.

Robert Wood to Robert and Karen Wood Living Trust, map and parcel 1231-1154, $10.

Riverview Farms, LLC to Charlotte T. and Wesley Swancy, 987 White Graves, $1.

Michael A. Campbell to Department of Transportation, map and parcel 084-018, $2,300.

Mayra C. Aquino-Cava to Department of Transportation, 853 North Wall Street, $7,500.

Terri A.M. Culberson, as Executor, to Raymond C. Kirby, Sr., Cemetery Lot, $800.


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