Gordon Record

Real Estate

Total equity value of transactions, this listing: $8,328,000. Note: Dollar figure given represents tax at $1 per $1,000 on equity value of transaction. Transactions are taken from deeds recorded at the Gordon County Clerk of Superior Court.

SDH Atlanta LLC to Francisco Javier Quinones, 232 Willowbrook Way, $244.

SDH Atlanta LLC to Emily Bautista, 210 Birch Lane, $155.

Dharma Bhakti Properties LLC to Devakaba Investment Inc., 784 Belwood Road, $456.

Ace Homes LLC to Timothy Cloys Fowler, 1215 Fairview Road, $210.

Katherine Van Zant to John E. Kitson V, map and parcel 113-051, $180.

Cassey Leanne Adams to Benjamin Landers, 2849 McDaniel Station Road, $173.

Emmie Plott Tillman to Jarrod David Patterson, 1194 Fairview Road, $147.

Michael S. and Darla V. McEntyre to Alper Erturk, 118 Millers Lane, $190.

Joey Lusk to Kayla Marie Bridwell, 579 Knight Road, $144.

KC’s Homes GA LLC to Martha Lee Rogers, 460 Langston Drive, $215.

Alvin Klein to William Scherbarth, 155 Dawn Drive, $305.

Linda Hales to Selina L. Smith, 121 Sunset Drive, $184.

Evelyn Mary Sarber to SR Holding LLC, 1544 Highway 53 Spur, $180.

Corinne Sue Flannery to Lecia Myers, 73 Geyser Court, $9.

Rebecca H. Sewell to Diablo Express Inc., Wilshire Way map and parcel 065-404, $33.

Janet Kirk and Joel Mallett to Steven P. Gummere, 129 Robbins Creek Trail, $900.

Jeff Silvers to Saul Barrios, 116 Kenmoreland Cir., $625.

Sconti Knoll Renovations LLC to Kyleigh L. Adams, 104 Lance Road, $205.

Sonj I LLC to Steven Junior Wilcox, 234 Single Tree Drive, $147.

Bradley Mason to Jerry M. Wills, 351 Evergreen Road, $230.

Debra Ann Farist, as trustee of the Owens Family irrevocable trust, to Kaitlin Ruth Flickinger, 318 Erwin Hill Church Road, $194.

Eddy Tomlinson to Hannah Marie Roddy, 527 Hall Memorial Road, $124.

Venture Communities LLC to White Cat Properties LLC, map and parcel 036-123, $199.

April Michelle May, as executor, to Charles A. Talley, 113 Devonwood Drive, $181.

Rogelia and Luz Maria Lara to Leonel Gomez, 584 Church Road, $90.

Donald E. Martie to Cheyanne W. Geers, 108 Pine Hill Drive, $238.

Chris Baggett to Billy G. Holt, 170 Fairview Road, $136.

Holly Keener to Hannah Lea Zagaya, 121 Magnolia Drive, $231.

James Bradfor Phillips, as trustee of the JFP irrevocable trust, to Kevin Eugene Summey, 433 Hyde Road, Resaca, $421.

PFW Properties Inc. to Soledad Gonzalez-Reyes, 293 Charmin Cir., $146.

Spencer P. Padgett to Carla Jean Russell, 425 McDaniel Station Road, $395.

Teresa Gomez to Louie De Leon, 108 Curtis Cir., $200.

SonJ I LLC to David Steele, 202 Single Tree Drive, $144.

Natalya I. Sniff to Stephen Thomas, 110 Granny Smith Drive, $257.

Eric Schnell to Ashleigh Rae Thomas, 703 Newton Church, $201.

Badger Services LLC to Kerrie Egbert, 1473 Hanna Drive, Ranger, $239.


The following properties have no real estate transfer tax due to property being a gift, parties involved in transfer being political subdivisions of either the United States or the State of Georgia, parties involved either a public authority or non-profit corporation, property transferred in divorce settlement, deed is in lieu of foreclosure, deed is division of property among joint tenants or type of ownership, such as half interest, or actual consideration is less than $100.

Lynda and Theodore Smith to Richard Whitmore, 578 Galaxy Way, $4.

Chad M. and Jessica H. Wood to Jessica H. Wood, 336 Evergreen Road, $1.

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