Gordon Record


Cases filed the week of July 12 through July 16

Chapter 7

Anamarie Morganfischer, P.O. Box 158, Rydal.

Darryl M. and Chastity D. Buck, 246 Whippoorwill Lane.

Terra L. Black-Coontz, 163 Dogwood Lane.

Joshua Daniel Haberman, 214 Jeep St.

Real Estate

Total equity value of transactions, this listing: $14,504,000. Note: Dollar figure given represents tax at $1 per $1,000 on equity value of transaction. Transactions are taken from deeds recorded at the Gordon County Clerk of Superior Court.

Wonderland Partners LP to Henderson Glenn LLC, map and parcel CG42-013, $5,577.

Steven Way II to Bart Markley, 181 Libby Lane, $114.

Springbank LLC to Jo Fassnacht, map and parcel 105-046, $153.

Andrew Chitvanni to The Ridge at Ryo Mountain LLC, map and parcel F120-065, Fairmount, $20.

Brent Stepp Construction Company Inc. to SDH Atlanta LLC, map and parcel GC52-044, $75.

Donnie V. Stanley to Cain Transportation LLC, 2712 Highway 225, $135.

PFW Properties Inc. to The Landlord Inc., Jones Road map and parcel GC49-051, $22.

The Vibe Group Inc. to Ribbon Home SPV II LLC, 203 E. May St., $220.

TNF Enterprises LLC to Rosario Cardero Palmero, 148 Landing Drive, $47.

W. Russell West and Christy W. Colwell, as attorney, to Raymond James Perkins Jr., (part of) map and parcel 040-003A, $335.

Shelly Hall Rasbury, individually as executor, to Raymond James Perkins Jr., Highway 136 (part of) map and parcel CG32A-050, $100.

Brian D. Wilson to Billy M. Jump, 203 Patriots Row, $232.

Calhoun Industrial Properties LLLP to R6 Holdings LLC, 185 Rus Drive, $960.

Springbank LLC to Donna Fay McKin, map and parcel 112-015, $72.

Cherie A. Vitters-Fuerst to Scott Edmonson, 486 Marque Lane, $240.

Robert Page Cullbertson to Victoria Madison Singer, 1528 Faith Court, Ranger, $296.

Sec. of Housing and Urban Development to Troy Dishmon Jr., 532 Hightower Loop, $166.

Brady T. Grubbs to Kevin Stuart Reynolds, map and parcel 003-045, $372.

Prince King to Joleene Moss, 110 Kenmorland Cir., $185.

Ridgefield Properties LLC to Steven Duncan, 239 Fox Den Drive, $35.

Jeremy J. York to Jariah W. Adcock, map and parcel 022-069, $196.

McKinley Homes US LLC to Samuel Lee Holley, 214 McGinnis Cir., $242.

Jessica Ruth Johnson to Korygi GA LLC, (part of) map and parcel 083-007, $230.

McKinley Homes US LLC to Yanfeng Jiang, map and parcel CG42E-094, $251.

Santos Rene Juarez Gonzalez to Silvino Ramirez Perez, 108 Telfair St., $157.

Louise W. Sanders to Ashley Teresa Sierra, 261 Whipporwill Lane, $177.

Sweetbriar Ridge Retreat LLC to Mary Di Benedetto, 195 Stirratt Road, $343.

Rtroland Inc. to Brian Joseph Baker JTWROS, map and parcel 1231-1355, $12.

Victor Day to Brian Parker, 1379 Fox Hound Trail, $15.

Betty G. Walker to Roger W. Cline, map and parcel 027A-4026, $425.

Jack B. McEntyre to Stacy Page McEntyre, map and parcel PB-2726, $5.

Shelia Casey to Shane Gibson, 2564 Riverbend Road, $111.

Gustavo Torres Galvan to Maritza Abigail Quinche, 2793 Red Bud Road, $160.

Casey Ottis Farrell to Valazquez Investments LC LLC, 3618 Dews Pond Road, $101.

Shannon Rae Thompson to K&M Renovations LLC, 126 Baker St., $65.

Matthew Frye to Richard P. Page, 223 Bayview Lane, $202.

WJH LLC to Patrick A. Tonya, 771 Riverside Drive, $194.

WJH LLC to Angel A. Olivia Lepe, 769 Riverside Drive, $187.

Patrick D. Bennett to William Howard Rogers Jr., 203 Owens Chapel Road, $335.

Richie Paulette Cochran, as executor, to Jeremias Vasquez, 320 Old Calhoun Road, $16.

Tyler Knauss to Mary Mize Tindall, as surviving trustee, 110 Lenox Road, $305.

Steven John Weitz to Loretta E. Weitz, as trustee, 102 Cypress St., $340.

TCP Investments LLC to David Scott Turpin, 119 Johns Court, $260.

Springbank LLC to James C. Cantrell, Mauldin Road (part of) map and parcel 099-086, $50.

Powell & Stewart LLC to Salvador Acosta-Sanchez, map and parcel C18-021, 22, 29, $114.

Andrea Gayle Wilson to Arnold Hooley, 3044 Pine Chapel Road, $320.

Michael Glynn Earnest to John Gahagan, 111 Mt. Vernon Drive, $335.


The following properties have no real estate transfer tax due to property being a gift, parties involved in transfer being political subdivisions of either the United States or the State of Georgia, parties involved either a public authority or non-profit corporation, property transferred in divorce settlement, deed is in lieu of foreclosure, deed is division of property among joint tenants or type of ownership, such as half interest, or actual consideration is less than $100.

William F. Seymour Jr. to Nicole M. Seymour, 1324 Hunter Drive, Ranger, $280.

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