Northwest Georgia health care leaders urge action to stem COVID-19 spread

Gordon County Health Department, 310 N. River St.

Cases seem to continue to steadily decline in Gordon County and across the state.

From Saturday through Wednesday, Gordon County had 43 new cases and two deaths. Statewide, there were 6,990 new cases and 233 deaths.

The slightly higher number of cases than usual is due to a discrepancy in reporting. The Georgia Department of Public Health did not report their weekend data in time for the previous update, and that data is included in this report.

On Oct. 14, an FDA advisory committee met to discuss boosters for the Moderna COVID vaccine for those 18 and older. On Oct. 15, the same advisory committee met to discuss a booster dose for Johnson and Johnson’s single-dose vaccine.

“Vaccines are one of the most important interventions for bringing an end to the ongoing pandemic. It’s critical that as many eligible individuals as possible get vaccinated as soon as possible,” said Peter Marks, M.D., Ph.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research.

At their Oct. 15 meeting, the advisory committee will also discuss “mix and match” boosters, which refers to getting a booster dose of a different vaccine than the original shot.

“Once vaccinated, we want to ensure that individuals continue to be protected against the adverse effects of COVID-19,” Marks said. “The available data make clear that protection against symptomatic COVID-19 in certain populations begins to decrease over time, so it’s important to evaluate the information on the use of booster doses in various populations.”

The same committee will also meet on Oct. 26 to discuss amending Pfizer’s emergency use authorization to include children aged 5 through 11.

“We know from our vast experience with other pediatric vaccines that children are not small adults, said Acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock, M.D, “and we will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of clinical trial data submitted in support of the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine used in a younger pediatric population, which may need a different dosage or formulation from that used in an older pediatric population or adults.”

To schedule a COVID-19 vaccine or booster appointment, log on to or call 888-457-0186 for the Health Department Vaccine Scheduling Resource Line.

The Gordon County Health Department, 310 N. River St., Calhoun, is now offering flu shots on a walk-in basis.

Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or those who have been in close contact with an individual with COVID-19, should be tested regardless of vaccination status. At DPH/Mako Medical test sites, testing is free of charge.

To find a COVID-19 test site, log on to


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