handcuffs FOPD arrests

Nov. 8

Crowe, Michael Lee, 51, Euharlee. Charges by GSP: Driving while license suspended or revoked, failure to appear O/C suspended lic,open container..., no proof of insurance, and suspended, canceled, or revoked registration.

Ely, Cassandra Suzanne, 36, Silver Creek. Charges by CPD: Housed for Calhoun P.D. criminal trespass (prebook) and housed for Calhoun P.D. shoplifting (prebook).

Lacy, Tyler Joel, 24, Adairsville. Charge by CPD: Theft by taking.

Nov. 9

Bagwell, Austin Drake, 27. Charges by GCSO: Deposit account fraud (bad checks) no more than $1499 (misdemeanor, x3), identity fraud (x6), taking by theft (misdemeanor), and printing, executing, negotiating checks, drafts, etc. knowing information is in (x10).

Marshall, Justin Tyler, 25, Dalton. Charge by GCSO: Probation violation O/C criminal damage 2nd FOA.

Patterson, Daniel Hugh, 35. Charge by GCSO: Sentenced serve 12 months OC DUI, DWLS, TFFC(RED).

Thomas, James Colby, 39. Charge by GCSO: Hold for other agency Haralson CO SO.

Nov. 10

Chamlee, Joseph Terry, 34, Adairsville. Charge by GCSO: Parole violation.

Gilbert, Gary Allen, 38, Adairsville. Charge by GCSO: Violate FVA order (prebook).

Jones, Heather Amanda, 39. Charge by GCSO: Probation violation O/C poss methamphetamine, DUI.

Lofty, Jr., Albert Franklin, 43. Charges by GCSO: Abandonment of dangerous drugs, failure to maintain lane, littering, possession of methamphetamine, and possession of methamphetamine with intent.

Ruggles, Robert Wayne, 63, Dalton. Charges by GCSO: Disorderly conduct, false imprisonment, public drunkenness, and terroristic threats and acts.

Nov. 11

Cannon, Stacey Brian, 50. Charge by CPD: Probation violation O/C poss inm proh items, public drunk.

Copeland, Raymond Alan, 62. Charge by CPD: Simple assault — FVA.

Criner, Timothy Edward, 26. Charge by GCSO: Aggravated assault (prebook).

Dixon, Beverly Jane, 51, Chatsworth. Charges by GCSO: Possession of methamphetamine and unlawful conduct during 911 call.

Fowler, Brake Anthony, 40, Chatsworth. Charges by GSP: Driver must apply for a new license within 60 days of change, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and improper slowing or stopping on roadway.

Neiman, Jesse James, 36. Charge by GCSO: V.G.C.S.A. (prebook).

Stone, Ethan David, 31. Charge by CPD: Probation violation O/C burglary, shoplifting.

Gentry, John Jason, 52. Charges by CPD: Possession and use of drug related objects and possession of methamphetamine.

Nov. 12

Asudelo Bermudez, Carlos Andres, 33, Duluth. Charges by FPD: Maximum limits, no license, and no proof of insurance.

Cordell, Maison Dakota, 29. Charges by GCSO: Criminal trespass, possession and use of drug related objects, possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of methamphetamine, and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers (misdemeanor, x3).

Fowler, Mitchell Edward, 68. Charge by GCSO: Failure to appear O/C burglary 2nd degree.

Reynolds, Dustin Shane, 33, Rome. Charges by GCSO: Criminal trespass and theft by shoplifting (felony).

McKeehan, Tiffany Lashon, 24, Chatsworth. Charge by GCSO: Possession of marijuana.

Pasley, Jaden Harper, 20. Charges by GSP: DUI — driving under the influence of alcohol under the age of 21, open container, possession of marijuana (less than 1 oz.), and tag light required.

Webb, Rebecca Leigh, 37, Knoxville, Tennessee. Charges by GCSO: Driving while license suspended or revoked (misdemeanor) and maximum limits.

Nov. 13

Scott, Kateland Nicole, 25. Charges by GCSO: Distracted driving, DUI — driving under the influence of alcohol, duty upon striking fixed object, failure to appear for fingerprintable charge O/C VGCSA, and failure to maintain lane (x2).

Nov. 14

Moses, Dustin Anthony, 30. Charge by PRO: Drug court sanction (prebook).

Mulkey, Nathaniel Ray, 40, Fairmount. Charges by CPD: Probation violation O/C simple assault and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers (misdemeanor).

Thomas, John William, 37, Chatsworth. Charges by GSP: DUI — driving under the influence of drugs, possession of methamphetamine, and registration.


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