Red Bud Middle School recently inducted current seventh grade students into the National Junior Beta Club.

Qualifications for induction include good scholarship (90-plus average in core classes), character and service to the community.

The follow students were inducted on April 1:

Kayla Abercrombie

River Hall

Levi Richardson

Pamela Aguilar

Kaleb Hobbs

Isabella Segursky

Eli Balliew

Alicia Huddleston

Morgan Schwartz

Danna Beach

Jazmine Hunter

Ethan Smith

Ana Betancourt

Alliyah Ingram

Stephen Smith

Kyla Blankenship

Grant Kinkead

Leah Steed

Mckenna Boswell

Griffin Long

Zachary Taylor

Catherine Bowers

Delaney Martinez Pina

Riley Thomas

Luke Brown

Kaydence Mathews

Emily Upchurch

Langston Butler

Lila Mullinax

Alexa Vigil

Blake Carey

Kinlee Naff

Ava Vincent

Kallie Clark

Bailee Naff

Cooper Watson

Macee Clark

Ella Offutt

Matthew Worley

Brooke Cole

Jolette Palmerin

Clay Worley

Rubi Corral

William Parish

Jaslyn Darden

Jessa Parker

Abagail De La Cruz

Rushi Patel

Annslee Defoor

William Patterson

Joseph Dunaway

Aldo Perez

Parker Dyer

Madelyn Pulliam

Jet Garland

Ambree Quarles

Isabella Goss

Danielle Ralston

Morgan Guyton

Alexandra Reyes

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