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Gordon County Board of Education members participated in a budget planning session last month where they discussed items to benefit staff and students alike for the remainder of the current school year and for FY22.

Some things that were considered for the current fiscal year include incentives for staff members and substitute teachers. As widely reported across the state, many educators received supplemental funds for their work in schools this year amid COVID restrictions. Gordon County Schools extended those supplemental funds to other positions not covered in the Governor’s budget, including school system nutrition and custodial staff who are currently employed through a staffing agency. Beginning March 22, substitute teachers for Gordon County Schools saw an increase in pay when choosing to provide coverage for teachers in the school district.

This increase in pay for substitutes is also slated for the FY22 proposed budget. Additionally, subs who have worked 45 days or more for a Gordon County school this school year received an additional supplement.

Other proposals for the FY 22 general fund budget provide benefits to many district employees. In the proposed budget, custodians who have been working with the district through a temporary staffing agency prior to the pandemic may be offered employment with the district, and many classified personnel may see an increased pay scale- including paraprofessionals, clerical, custodial, bus drivers, and nutrition workers. PreK teachers and paraprofessionals, whose salary has been capped in past years will see a new pay scale to accommodate years of experience.

All of these items are in addition to the initiatives that were released last month, including providing student school supplies for all students in the district, summer extension programs, Gateway Virtual Learning Academy and Preschool PAL. The FY22 budget for Gordon County Schools is set for Board approval in June.

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