CCCA Programs/Teachers of the Month Spotlight

Caroline Atkins

Caroline Atkins, Culinary Arts instructor, is the Calhoun College and Career Academy program and teacher in the Spotlight for May 2021. Caroline has been teaching for 6 years.

Caroline attended Georgia Northwestern Technical College and earned a degree in Culinary Arts and a degree in Marketing Management. Caroline has worked as a restaurant cook, a personal chef, and a food truck owner before she became a teacher.

Caroline grew up in Rome, where her family still lives. She now lives in Shannon, GA with her husband Ty and their two dogs and cats. Caroline loves traveling and experiencing local and regional culture and cuisine. She enjoys collecting old cookbooks and tea sets. Julia Child is Caroline’s favorite chef because she was never afraid to boldly make a mistake.

At CCCA, the culinary arts program is tailored to the student who is interested in any food industry. During the culinary arts pathway, students will learn fundamentals of food safety, history and philosophy of culinary arts, food industry careers, restaurant professionalism, nutrition, knife skills, food preparation techniques, baking, front of house services, food sustainability, and much more.

The culinary arts pathway consists of Introduction to culinary arts, culinary arts I, and culinary arts II courses.

Family, career and community leaders of America is a student organization associated with the culinary arts program. FCCLA is for any interested high school student. Culinary students get to compete in FCCLA. The competitions consist of: culinary arts, an individual or team completes a three course meal within a time limit; baking and pastry, an individual or team completes four baked products within a time limit; knife skills, an individual performs precision knife cuts with fruits and vegetables; food innovations, a team develops and markets a food product to a target customer demographic; and digital delish dish, an individual or team creates a cooking demonstration video featuring a Georgia grown product. Through these competitions, students can expand their leadership skills and compete against other students to strengthen their skills.

Caroline’s favorite thing about teaching the culinary arts program at CCCA is when an apprehensive student finally takes a risk without worrying about a potential failure. Caroline stated, “Whether it’s flipping a crepe for the first time or attempting their first icing flower- it always makes me happy when they are proud of their big or small accomplishments.”

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