Resaca Print donated to Resaca Town Council

Jerry Holmes, from left, Todd Rutledge, Michael Austin, Sandy Adams, Nathan Wyatt, Ben Niles, Ken Padgett and Tony Patton.

A print from across the ocean recently had an interesting trip to a place in Gordon County that it depicted so well.

After his father’s death in 2012, John Fritz of Arizona found an old newspaper obituary that told of his great-great-grandfather’s service with the 105th Illinois Infantry during the Civil War.

Christopher Fritz served for over three years under Gen. William T. Sherman and fought in 15 battles and survived the war.

Fritz set out to investigate and follow his service route from 1862 to 1865.

During this period he was connected into the Civil War reenacting community which led to his first reenactment in Resaca in 2019. He learned about the Friends of the Resaca Battlefield efforts in preserving the battlefield.

Fritz learned about a printing that was done by acclaimed British artist named Steve Noon who had a reputation for his intricate and detailed historical work. One of Noon’s work was the Four Gun Battery in Resaca showing the battery being over-run and captured by his ancestor.

The four gun battery known as Van de Corupts or the Cherokee Battery was formed in Floyd County in 1861. At Resaca, most of the battery crew were killed in hand to hand combat attempting to save their four cannon.

Federal loses were very high under the command of Colonel Benjamin Harrison who would later be elected the 23rd President of the United States in 1889. This action was one of the most famous battles during the Civil War and resulted in the only cannon captured during the entire Atlanta Campaign.

In 2020, Fritz purchased the original artwork from Steve Noon and had a limited run of 100 made for family and friends. Fritz donated print 12 of 100 which is signed by the artist to the Friends of the Resaca Battlefield to given to the Town of Resaca for their proposed Civil War Museum to open by fall of 2021.

The print was framed by the Friends of the Resaca Battlefield and presented to the Town of Resaca on June 8, in their continuing effort to preserve and educate Gordon County of its Civil War-era history.

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