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A galette is a flat, French cake made of pastry dough or bread. Ranging from pancake-esque pastries to rustic pies and savory tarts, the ability to easily customize and swap out ingredients make galettes a favorite of families with picky eaters. In recent months, galettes have also made a hu…

Dixie is a 4-year-old Labrador Retriever mix. She weighs 49 pounds and is currently available for adoption at the Gordon County Animal Control Animal Shelter.

Derek Andrew, a country music artist who has opened for some of the genre’s most recognized artists, including Luke Combs and Collin Raye, will perform this weekend at Downtown Calhoun’s GEM Theatre.

Tall fescue is the lawn grass of choice for many in Northwest Georgia. Much of the popularity of this cool season grass can be traced to the ability of fescue to stay green when the warm season grasses are dormant and brown.

Many people have turned to baking as a stress reliever or fun activity during a time when efforts to “flatten the curve” have kept us cooped up in our homes for weeks at a time, myself included. This week, I’ve decided to share with you the easiest, most delicious recipe for bread that I know.

This column is the second in a three-part series. The first part can be found at CalhounTimes.com.

Archie is a 1-year-old Heeler/Labrador mix. He weighs 49 pounds and is currently available for adoption at the Gordon County Animal Control Animal Shelter.

Instructions are given to help you. Do you follow them? Well, sometimes you do. Have you heard someone say, if all else fails, read the instructions? Why is it so hard to follow instructions?

Sonoraville High School will host its homecoming on Friday, Sept. 18. The crowning of the homecoming king will take place at 7 p.m. Kickoff will follow at 7:30 p.m. The crowning of the homecoming queen will take place at half time. The SHS 2020 homecoming court includes:

Elizabeth Dutch, a resident of Calhoun was announced as a spring 2020 Distinguished Scholar at Rockford University. Students attending Rockford University who earn at least a 3.75 GPA with no grades below “C” and having completed all requirements for the semester are named as Distinguished S…

Calhoun City Schools officials said this week they would like to thank Shaw Industries for coordinating the pick up of donated PPE supplies for all schools in Northwest Georgia. Also, school officials said they would like to thank Mohawk Flooring for their contribution of LVT flooring at Cal…

Birthday Cake Pancakes hold a special place in my heart. There was no better place to wake up on my birthday as a kid than my Granny’s house. She always made sure birthdays were celebrated properly, from the minute I woke up until the minute I went to bed again — starting with Birthday Cake …

Link is an adult domestic short hair cat. He is currently available for adoption at the Gordon County Animal Control Animal Shelter.

I recently passed my 26th year as a UGA county extension agent. I can still remember my early career years in Bartow County. My first office was at the old historic courthouse in Cartersville. It was fun working there.

This is the recipe for easy, homemade pickles my Granny used for more than 60 years, from the time my dad was a little boy on the farm until just a few weeks before she passed, when she made her last batch. People fought over who got to take home those last pickles — that’s how good these ar…

A heroin addict who died of an overdose. A war veteran who vividly recalls the clutches of PTSD. A woman offering herself — maybe the only thing she can sell — on an Atlanta street corner.

Blue is an eight-month-old Hound mix. He is currently available for adoption at the Gordon County Animal Control Animal Shelter.

You could get many different answers to that question. It could be if it was sports, like which sports team. It could be songwriters, stars, heroes or any number of interesting subjects. It could even be your favorite preacher.

This column will be the second in a series on cover crop use in the home vegetable garden. There are too many positive aspects of adding cover crops into your gardening efforts to not give them strong consideration.

I consider a good pork roast recipe a must-have in any home cook’s arsenal. Not only is pork roast the ultimate budget-friendly cut for people who favor pork chops and tenderloin, but it’s also quite lean, with a mild taste that can handle the addition of extreme flavor and a low-and-slow co…

I think humans generally are drawn to water, but there are some of us who have a heightened affinity. Some people have to have their time at the beach, while others find peace kayaking or tubing on a scenic river or creek. I love those things, too, but I realized about five years ago that I …

Lindy is a domestic short hair kitten. She is currently available for adoption at the Gordon County Animal Control Animal Shelter.

What do you think? What are you doing? The situation in our country today is causing many questions. People are having lots of issues. So, “how are you” is more than a happy greeting.

Students in Mrs. Johnson's art class at Calhoun High School have been learning about how artists use lines to create rhythm and pattern in works of art. Students planned and created their own original works of art using doodling and line patterns with pen. Doodling can also be a way for an a…

The use of cover crops in a home vegetable garden is a resource not used enough by local gardeners. There simply are too many benefits of cover crops to not plant them in some format in your garden areas.

One thing the South is universally known for is deep-frying. People think we will deep fry anything from chicken to the Thanksgiving turkey, and they’re not always wrong. Today’s recipe is living proof of that.

I’ve heard that life passes in seven-year cycles. The theory is that humans tend to make major changes as each of these periods comes to a close. I have to say I find the argument holds water, especially in regard to child development.

Roxie is a 10-week-old, 15-pound Shepherd Mix. She will be available for adoption at the Gordon County Animal Control Animal Shelter beginning Aug. 20.

Is that person a Christian? They described him as a good person. Being a good person is admirable, but it does not make you a Christian.

For many vegetable gardeners, you may be going down the home stretch in your 2020 gardening efforts and may not be satisfied with the results. For others, your hay field production or even your lawn appearance may not be up to your standards.

Abigail Wright of Calhoun is one of the more than 800 students who made the Dean’s List for the 2020 spring semester at Shenandoah University. Students must attain a grade point average of at least 3.50 to be recognized for the honor.

What could be more southern than a cake flavored with sweet tea and lemon? Granny’s Arnold Palmer Cake is light, fluffy, sweet and tastes the way daydreaming on a porch swing in the middle of summer feels. The best part? It’s extremely easy to make and utilizes a recipe nearly all southern c…

Zax is an adult short hair cat available for adoption at the Gordon County Animal Control Animal Shelter. His exact age is unknown.

Everybody has played the game of Monopoly. When you get the game, it has the detailed rules and instructions in the box. Most people do not take the time to read them.

Before I get into the topic of the day, I wanted to make sure I am very clear: as of the latest confirmation the only finding of Asian giant hornets in the United States is in Washington state. That confirmation is from May 2020 in print, plus I did an email confirmation with one of our UGA …

Banana is a particularly southern flavor. If you’ve ever been to Sunday night dinner in a church fellowship hall, you’ve seen everything from banana bread to banana pudding on offer. This Bananas Foster Cheesecake is a recipe born from the hope of spicing up those very events. Made with a va…

Baby is a female Shepherd mix available for adoption at the Gordon County Animal Control Animal Shelter. She is approximately five years old and weighs 38 pounds.

The red light means stop. If you approach a green light and it turns yellow, you must make a choice. The yellow (or caution) light means change is about to happen.