The Wes Greer era will begin for the Gordon Central boys basketball team this weekend when the Warriors host back-to-back games to start the new season.

The team will play two games in less than 24 hours beginning Friday night when they host Oakwood Christian at 7:30 p.m. and then come back Saturday afternoon to host Woodland in a pair of non-league encounters.

“We’re excited about getting started,” said Greer, who was named the head coach in spring, replacing Derrick Broom after his two seasons on the job. “We’re excited about seeing how we look against a different color jersey. We’re excited about seeing how the boys are coming along and we’re just excited to get things going and kind of really see where we are.”

He said while they will look to find out all they can about Oakwood and Woodland, a pair of 5A schools, before they play them, his concern is his team.

“I will get a chance to see Woodland and Oakwood before we play them, just to get a sense of what they have and what they do, but the big thing for me is us,” Greer said. “Are we competing? Is the intensity and focus there? Are we moving our feet? Are we being physical? Are we talking on defense? Are we executing on offense? Right now, for me, the focus is on us and how we are doing.

“As a coach, you do want to know something about the teams you’re playing, but this early in the season for me, it’s all about what we are doing and how we are progressing. We need to continue to put the emphasis on us and what we’re doing and what we’re trying to accomplish. But I think we’re headed in the right direction.”

They have been going at it for nearly a month now with the daily workouts and Greer said they have shown improvement.

“I do think we’re getting better, but we’ve still got a lot of work to do,” he said. “The big thing for us is to just keep working. Every day, every practice, we’ve got to keep working to get better. We’ve had some good days and we’ve had some not-so-good days, but that is part of the process. I just want us to come in every day and work hard and play the game the right way. And that’s what we’re trying to achieve.”

The team had its first and only scrimmage Saturday night at Armuchee and while they didn’t win, Greer was still optimistic about what he say, despite missing three players.

“We lost, but I thought we did some good things and got a good look at all 11 kids we did play,” Greer said. “I thought it was a good first step for us. We did some things well and we need to build on that and we did some other things that we need to continue to improve on. But I thought it was a good first step.”

He said he wanted to see his guys execute the offense and fight their guts out at the defensive end.

“I wanted to see us play with good intensity and good energy and I thought we did that,” Greer said. “I wanted to see us run a few plays. That is one thing that we have really been stressing in practice is running our plays. It seems like sometimes guys aren’t sure where to go or what to do in certain situations, so we want to execute what we’re doing where everybody has a role and everybody has a job to do and we’re working to get there offensively as a team.

“Defensively, I want to see us be disruptive in the paint. I want to see us be disruptive to what the other team is doing and you can do that if you play hard and communicate and so we’re still got a long way to go to become the type of team we think we can be, but there were times we played well in that scrimmage and we need to take the positives and turn those into strengths going forward.”

He said with two games in two days, there is still a lot of player evaluation going on.

“We’ll be looking at a lot of guys in this first two games and probably for a next few games while we sort out the rotation,” Greer said. “I have a pretty good idea of who my starting five is but some things have changed as far as we’ve had a couple of football players join the team and a couple of injuries, so we’re still a work in progress. I think we will be for a while as I become more familiar with the players and they have a better understanding of what I expect from them. But I am excited to get started. And I think they are as well, so we’re looking forward to this weekend.”

They will play Oakwood Christian at 7:30 p.m. Friday night and the girls team plays at 6 p.m. and then face Woodland at 4:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon.


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