Tickets for southern comedian James Gregory’s Crock Pots and Chicken Legs show at Downtown Calhoun’s GEM Theatre have officially sold out, setting the stage for a full house of laughter and down-home hilarity on Friday, Feb. 7.

GEM Marketing Director Kim Brazell said Gregory is a favorite with Calhoun audiences and is returning to town this year due to popular demand. The appeal, she said, is largely down to him being a clean comic with stories that feel real and natural to southern audiences. He doesn’t stray into politics or dirty jokes, instead choosing to retell his life experiences with the air of a man fixing a plate with family.

“He is so relatable, especially because he is that southern comic. He talks about his roots and life, and I think we can all identify with that,” Brazell said. “He makes fun of relatives and I think we all have that one relative in our family. He’s a great storyteller.”

Gregory is known for just that. His comedy includes tales of funeral bargaining — who gets the truck when someone passes —and family life, and he isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself or his neighbors when they do something silly. Stories about buying crock pots on layaway, pulling a muscle and hating to fly in airplanes remind audiences that, in addition to being a masterful comic, Gregory is a normal guy.

Though he can now be heard nationwide on weekly syndicated radio shows such as Rick and Bubba, John Boy and Billy and Bob and Tom, Gregory has a special relationship with the GEM. According to Brazell, he was one of the first performers to take the stage in the new theatre and has been returning every year or every other year since then.

“We have a great relationship with him. It’s important to us that we have someone who does clean comedy and who can provide a good, family show,” she said. “He does that, and he is wonderful at what he does. You’re always going to be entertained at his shows.”

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