A new pet services business in Calhoun offering everything from daycare to boarding opened its doors at the end of August. Hollie Stewart, the owner of Furbabies Pet Services, promises she and her employees will engage with, protect and care for the pets that come into the shop as if they were their own.

“Our goal is to keep kennel time to a minimum and outside time to a maximum,” Stewart said during a virtual tour of the facilities, which include separate crate and kennel rooms, a pet washing station, large covered and uncovered outdoor play areas, an indoor play area and a shop selling decorative items for pet lovers. “We plan to treat your baby like we would treat our own babies.”

The services offered at Furbabies include $10 baths, transportation services to and from a veterinarian or groomer at a cost of $10 per drop off and pick up, in-home services such as feeding, walking or exercising pets while owners are away ($18 per visit or $75 for five visits), in-home vacation services at a cost of $10 per visit, $15 daycare, $18 overnight boarding (or $20 if Furbabies provides pet food during the stay) and training and behavioral modification services. For the latter, prices and planning will vary depending on the trainer. Grooming is not a provided service.

Stewart said that the crate room is typically for smaller breed dogs and pets whose owners know they “do better” in crates than kennels. The kennel room is sectioned off to maximize space for larger animals.

“Every kennel has a cot type bed in it. Owners have the option to bring their own bedding for their dog if they prefer. There are waterproof boards on the insides of the kennels for easier clean up and to also cut down on dogs seeing each other through the kennels,” she said. “We also have cubbies set up and matched to each kennel so that the collars, leashes and other items that dog needs or that belong to that dog can be stored inside their specific cubby.”

Outside, the large outdoor space surrounding the facility has been divided into two fenced in, yard-like areas designated specifically for potty breaks and playtime. Another outdoor area has been covered so that dogs can still have those breaks and spend time outdoors in the event of bad weather.

This was important for Stewart, who wants to ensure pets are not left idle and bored in crates and kennels until they are picked up by their families.

“We chose to divide the backyard into two spaces so that one dog and one staff member can be on each side at a time and the dogs can be kept separate from each other during play time,” she said. “We have play pools and agility toys coming soon, and we have instructed staff to stay interactive with your dog any time they are outside. If you want your dog to be worked with on a leash, staff can walk them around and work with them on that training.”

Office hours for Furbabies Pet Services are Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 4 to 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon. The shop is closed on Sunday, though Stewart said drop off or pick up can be scheduled for Sundays by request as needed.

For more information or to schedule services, call 706-260-7610 or 770-548-8938. Furbabies Pet Services is located at 210 Golden Circle Drive in Calhoun.

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