Calhoun police car

Officers with the Calhoun Police Department were called out to the Calhoun Recreation Department fields just off Highway 53 Spur on Sunday three separate times within just a few hours for multiple events, including a fight that left a woman unconscious and a gunshot that broke the window on the vehicle of another unconscious person.

According to CPD records, police were first dispatched to the park just before 2 p.m. Sunday after a tussle during a youth football game between the White County Warriors and the Top Gunz Gwinnett inspired several adults to enter the field and begin fighting as well. During the fray Anna McDonald of Cleveland, was struck and momentarily knocked unconscious. The man that hit her left the field before police arrived and could not be located; despite video of the incident, no one present could or was willing to identify the man.

McDonald, the wife of White County coach Cleve McDonald, was accused by a coach for the Gwinnett team of spitting on a player. The husband said his wife was attempting to separate two fighting players when she was struck. The Gwinnett coach, identified as Jose in the CPD reports, said he did not see anyone hit McDonald and claimed not to know the man in the video of the incident.

No arrests were made.

Police were called back to the scene at about 5:30 p.m. because of another fight between people involved with the Top Gunz Gwinnett team and a new team. Both parties told police that incident was verbal only. Police stayed on scene until the crowd cleared out.

Window shot to reach unconscious man

The third police call to the rec department occurred at about 6:30 p.m. when police were sent due to reports of a gunshot and an unconscious man.

Police found Calhoun resident Tyre Hawkins unresponsive and with a weak plus on the ground next to his vehicle, with another individual attempting chest compressions. The officer moved that man away and began chest compressions before Hawkins regained consciousness and started breathing.

AdventHealth Gordon EMS transported Hawkins to the hospital.

A witness told police that Tyre’s parked vehicle began revving loudly and smoking before people noticed he was laying over the steering wheel and foaming at the mouth. Several people attempted to break a window to get into the locked car before an unidentified person shot out the passenger side window.

EMS officials confirmed that Tyre was not struck by the shot and became responsive once care was provided.

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