Kindergartners at Tolbert recently learned about the many occupations that provide important public services. Kindergarten students read, wrote and discussed many public service occupations.

The students learned about the different community helpers from books, websites and online videos. In September, they also received firsthand information from:

  • Monica Mills- Police officer with the Atlanta Police Department and sister of kindergarten teacher Miss Mills.
  • Brian Holbert- Mail carrier with the Calhoun Post Office
  • AdventHealth Gordon - EMS workers: Donald Bowen
  • AdventHealth Gordon- Mac the Medic (Donald Bowen)

"We have invited  public service helpers  in the entire time I have taught in kindergarten, five years, and the kids really like it," said Mr. Etheridge. "The community always steps up to help out at Tolbert, even if it’s their off day."