Kennesaw State University recently named students to the President’s List in recognition of their academic excellence for the Spring 2020 semester. To achieve this honor, each student must have completed at least 9 semester hours with a term grade point average of 4.0. KSU students who earned this top academic achievement for spring include: Carter Arrington of Calhoun; Meri Black of Calhoun; Summer Garland of Calhoun; Kaitlyn Green of Calhoun; Erin Kelly of Calhoun; Katlyn Lester of Calhoun; Parker Young of Calhoun; Maggie Cochran of Calhoun; Jacob Dunlap of Resaca; Gustavo Espinal Reyes of Calhoun; Neslie Morales of Fairmount; Jesse O’Kelley of Calhoun; Ashik Patel of Calhoun; Kaitlyn Clarey of Ranger; Solomon Capri of Calhoun; Tyler Gray of Calhoun; Austin Kay of Calhoun; Guillermo Brito of Calhoun; Samuel Parker of Calhoun; William Pritchett of Fairmount; Hannah Brookshire of Calhoun; Laura Carter of Calhoun; Sariah Arnold of Fairmount; Angel Bailey of Calhoun; Elizabeth Chamlee of Calhoun; Christian Paul of Calhoun; Trevor Woody of Plainville; Ashley Winchell of Fairmount; Demi Kiker of Calhoun; and Leslie Sardeneta of Calhoun.

Kennesaw State University congratulates the 7,220 students named to the Spring 2020 Dean’s List. Students enrolled in at least 9 credit hours and with a grade point average of at least 3.5 were named to the list. Area students included: Chloe Fitch of Calhoun; Leslye Jacobo of Calhoun; Annabelle Roper of Sugar Valley; Jarrett Carden of Calhoun; Connor Coots of Ranger; Callie Ledford of Calhoun; Julio Lopez of Calhoun; Ryan Rule of Calhoun; Jackelin Sanchez-Mendez of Calhoun; Christopher Spencer of Calhoun; Jose Trenti of Calhoun; Charles Moore of Calhoun; Tarrin Melick of Calhoun; Nishik Patel of Calhoun; Mason Ballard of Fairmount; Betzy Cruz of Resaca; Cameron Luna of Plainville; Reid McGaskey of Calhoun; Charles Prater of Calhoun; Ashton Ensley of Calhoun; Anna Rush of Calhoun; Breanna Steely of Calhoun; Sarai Velazquez of Calhoun; Emmalee Allen of Resaca; Andrew Black of Calhoun; Kathryn Christian of Calhoun; Emily Evelti of Calhoun; Elise Jones of Calhoun; Kathrynn Stockman of Calhoun; Ashton Whitton of Calhoun; Shelby Wilson of Calhoun; Gavin Handley of Calhoun; Patrick Gilreath of Calhoun; Julie Haro of Calhoun; Tiffany Nance of Calhoun; Tori Wilson of Calhoun; Daniel Newton of Calhoun; Sergio Alvarez of Calhoun; and Hope LeMaster of Calhoun.

Irakli David Foster Bates of Calhoun was named to the President’s List at Norwich University for the Spring 2020 semester. Additionally, Bates officially received a Bachelor of Arts Summa Cum Laude in history from Norwich University on Saturday, May 2.

Mercer University recently conferred bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees to more than 2,200 students representing 12 schools and colleges during the 2019-2020 academic year. The following three graduates are from Calhoun: Kaelan Riley, School of Business, Bachelor of Business Administration; Sarah Thomas, School of Law, Juris Doctor; and Jared Williamson, School of Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Engineering.

The following students are among more than 1,500 Harding University students included on the dean’s list for grades achieved during the spring 2020 semeste: Ava Galyean, senior public relations major, of Resaca, and Landon Jones, sophomore finance major, of Calhoun.

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