The Gordon County Chamber of Commerce presented a Vendor Information Webinar on Thursday, July 30, for members interested in establishing a business relationship with Calhoun City Schools, Gordon County Schools, City of Calhoun, or Gordon County.

Each organization had one representative in place to offer a presentation outlining necessary qualifying procedures for potential vendors. Following the presentations, the speakers accepted questions from the attendees. The event was free to Chamber members and their guests, but advance registration was required.

“I am proud to represent the Board of Directors as we continue layering technology and virtual events into our program of work,” said Kathy Johnson, president and chief executive officer of the Gordon County Chamber of Commerce. “Like so many others, the chamber has redefined its program of work and is using technology to make connections with our members and the community at large. Our data confirms that the plan is working, because this webinar was as well attended as many live events of a similar nature presented in the past have been.”

The four panelists were Regan Bramblett, purchasing director for Gordon County; Derrall Culberson, senior account with the City of Calhoun; Mendy Goble, executive director of finance for Gordon County Schools; and Dee Wrisley, chief financial officer for Calhoun City Schools. Each shared important information about doing business with their respective offices after Johnson opened the webinar with welcoming remarks and introductions.

Questions were solicited from the membership at large and a bank of 14 were chosen for inclusion in the question-answer segment of the event. Those questions involved topics such as insurance requirements, certification standards, license verification, and State Purchasing Division compliance.

The mission of the Gordon County Chamber of Commerce is to connect members and the community to promote economic growth.

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